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Doesn't come to me to say what should my political strategy be Exactly He's got those antenna better than anybody else in this dwelling over there When he comes to me is talk to me about how we can relink economic growth productivity and the prosperity of the American middle class That kind of connective tissue that policy is what he comes to his economic team for to the members of the council economic advisers and national economic domestic policy council were all working to try to craft the economic tissue to reconnect growing GDP and the well-being of the American middle class And if you tick through the building block better agenda you will see that on every line Good union jobs in improving the climate Healthcare helping to be more affordable for families prescription drug costs coming down Child care elder care educational accessibility Key issues for middle class family that's what he comes to his economic team for Let's talk about build back better and trying to keep a democratic majority in the House and the Senate I know that's not your remit at The White House but what is so important Jared Bernstein is the calendar How long are you giving What's your timeline I'm Long Beach in LA to improve and get the sub Are we talking weeks to fix this months You know I was just gonna go into the primary season of the 2022 election You know my understanding is that these changes are taking place as we speak We've got Walmart UPS FedEx Samsung Home Depot and target talking about moving an additional 3500 containers a week off of the ports into trucks with chassis and onto warehouses and then on to shelves So this is fast acting intervention Longer term that's where the building back better agen that comes in and look again I'm going back to this The absence of investment in public goods both in human capital in education and healthcare and climate and in concrete public capital bridges potholes clean water systems for the longer term if we're going to address the supply side shortfalls that we're seeing here in a microcosm and a lasting way then we have to pass lasting legislation to do So and that's the infrastructure plan and building back better Doctor Bernstein thank you so much for joining us This first conversation after the president's speeches this has been wonderful for Bloomberg radio And Bloomberg television Back to you please All right Tom keen there in our D.C. bureau as you heard him say there with White House counsel of economic advisers member Jared Bernstein They are from The White House And it is all about global transportation supply chain bottlenecks That is the conversation certainly front and center but interesting how it again turned to politics in terms of the infrastructure program and plan that President Biden and his team are trying to get through Exactly Yeah doctor Bernstein of The White House council of economic advisers very quickly connecting the two issues and saying hey this is why we need to pass this plan and the build back better plan as well Yeah talking about investments needed for supply chain resiliency All right you are listening to Bloomberg business We care master Tim's denim Let's go check on the world of business A look at the trading day here is Charlie I thank you very much Carol mass with 34 minutes to.

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