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Ashish for snow our snow crash it is falling white asked right now minds momma ants old ashtray you know you you mentioned that this is near the getty museum this is this renowned museum here in la what are a thirty saying about the danger to that or to other parts of la will the getty museum is believed to be really protected partly because of design tim's he had an article out today about how it was designed to withstand massive heaton and fires and also because it has a filtration system to protect some of the world's most valuable hearts as for the rest of the neighborhood fire chief of la ralph trez us said this earlier about conditions right now we're experiencing favorable wind conditions but we are anticipating a continuation of the red flag conditions throughout the week at least until friday and of course these red flag conditions are what helped spread the fire for more stephanie's adds where i am now in stephanie yeah let's talk to you you're in the town of oh hi tell us what's happening there well today the wins have calm down dramatically and while that's great news it has left the ohio valley completely socked in was smoke and ash particles like john described have been falling down like rain so the heirs really unhelpful here but most notable today was the arrival of the cavalry his dozens of fire tankers engines in at least four bulldozers rolled in this morning in anticipation of an afternoon wind shift that sent the fire back up toward us here in ohio where it's consuming unburnt fuel and then tonight strong santa ana winds predicted with gus as high as seventy miles per hour are expected to turn the fire back toward the oceans so things are still quite a radic here yesterday when we talk to seem like 30s were focused on giving people evacuated getting people out what what's their focus today today the focus is on building a line of protection against the fire with all the.

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