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They can re sign for stone that they want you and keep a pass rusher and those things so Vehicles are in place for him to get paid and get paid, handsome because you talk about an average of $45 million annually, while also allowing the team to win and computed a high level and also just know that there's pictures in that deal double allow him to get back to the table. If you want to. But on the surface, locking yourself up for 12 years and a market place that can provide you with the opportunity to make more money. Seems like maybe he jumped the gun. In my mind. I think it was a smart move because he got the money. He got the security while also given them an opportunity to have the flexibility to keep a championship caliber squat around him. That's why Sammy Watkins needs to take a pay cut right? I mean, look, I'm asking. They say he did a team friendly deal to keep players arousal. Sammy Watkins has to take a pay cut. Mountie point. Bucky is that of all the players out there with the resume, Who could have been able to broker a deal to get it fully guarantee whether it was 10 years contract extension or six? Or five or whatever it is. He was in that position because of what he was able to accomplish. In two years of starting an M V p a Super Bowl. That franchise hadn't won anything in 50 years, so that that's really my point is that he had a chance. To do something different to maybe change the pay structure to maybe give NFL players the idea that they should be fully compensated and not have phony contracts that teams can get out at any point, But players don't have the same options. And and that's where I think he missed a golden opportunity because we saw Kirk Cousins get that kind of deal is a free agent, and he didn't have nearly to resume. Yeah. Kirk Cousins have vehicles in place where you have slept. He wanted fully guaranteed deal, and he got that and what it depends on what your individual agenda is interested agenda is to break the bank and Go down as a legend. When it comes to negotiating contracts and cool you could do it that way. But if your goal is to get the money that you want will also have an opportunity to compete A championship love because, remember, we just quarterbacks even though people won't say that we just based on whether they win if they win brain And so family is looking around today in the landscape has talent around me to play at the love that I'm playing again. Yes, He's the number one player in the league right here in the face of nest, hopefully He is in a position to as they say, Chase wings and build a dynasty and all those things, but he also knows he has to have the weapons. People around him, as relates to like Sammy Watkins knows things. I will say this about Sammy Watkins. Sammy Watkins was not re kill Sammy Watkins is for the complementary player more so than the number one. The gas they realized. Are there blue cheer players. They certainly can find the money to pay those guys according to what their market value miss those other guys, they don't have to get in where they said, And I think that's where Sammy Watkins is same like his CV Ville overpaid for last couple years anyway, so that you know he's there forthe best wide receiver. He's making 14 best catch, many making $14 million he argued. For Sammy Watkins. Rob. Enjoy that island. Doug Ali brought Parker and for Dan in the Dan. It's Okay. I mean, perfect example of what can happen. Even the quarterbacks is Cam Newton, right? Cam Cam Newton's the because of injury. The Carolina Panthers, and it ended up cutting him right. You got all the money in his contract until the guarantees were up and got paid all those guarantees, and he was a free agent on the market, and he signed for the veteran's minimum. Bucky, Do we know what Cam Newton looks like? And I ask you this From this perspective. I talked to some NFL people before this happened there like I didn't like what I saw of him throwing the football last year in terms of a of a new throwing motion since the shoulder surgery, you add to it, the Lisfranc injury and all the other contact injuries He's taken. Like Do we know what Cam Newton will look like when he takes a football field? No, I mean no one knows, but like we don't know that about anybody. Do you know what Nick's old going? Not like what he played like. We don't know anything about those guys. I think What we do know for certain is that Cam Newton is a talented player. Cam Newton, at his best has been M V p caliber player that is capable of getting his team to a Super Bowl. We also know the candidate with the number one overall pick and those other quarterback that on the Patriots roster. They weren't just a team is 1/4 round pick and book I'll say that they could have one with him. But all the people here can just laugh with your students. This kind of a difference when you compare the two and then Brian, we've seen Brian where you play for a ticket, and he is what he is. I think what the Patriots Sea and Cam Newton is a guy who has a set of skills that they could build an office around a guy who, when he's right and healthy, they certainly can use him. As a runner, and I think this is what you have to understand about Bill Belichick and defensive minded coaches defense in line that coach is typically like they have a quarterback that give them the most problems. If you go back and look at this close in 2017 when he called Candide public enemy number one because of the difficulty that presents as a guy that can run it control, it can do so many different things. I believe, because they're not necessarily Deeply invested in candy man. I think you could see them one campaign and I think you see them put him onto the women as you can see Camden at his best, and I must say this and I'm trying to learn all records. This will be the best coaching the Cam Newton has ever received in his NFL career, and if he takes to the coaching And becomes real doubt in with the preparation port of how the teachers get ready. We would be the best candidate that we've seen in this league and I think that's a scary thought. The teams in the air Bucky Washington is in the midst of changing its name. Ah, Daniel Schneider said it would never happen under his watch. Was it? A combination of the financials from sponsors or whatnot that that got this happening or the mood in the movement of the country going on was it was what a great hit him the ball. It certainly didn't come from the bottom of his heart that he woke up when they said, You know what I think I'll move away from this versus lurk in the nickname of my team..

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