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You know family that written than on the country ran the country now he looks at qaddafi qaddafi gave up his weapons and look what happened the could off saddam hussein gave up his stuff look would have the saddam hussein him young known as saying you know if i can maintain a deterence them i won't end up white khadafi or saddam hussein i would i would say that that he wants to far too gum made an agreement he said i'm given up the weapons of mass destruction i'm given up my what we believe we went in to get him claiming he still had those what we can't but doubtless why ain't that one day they turned out to be manufacturer stuff for one thing he wanted to he wanted to save face in the in the middle east and say that he wasn't being bullied around the net he wasn't count telling to the unites basically had inspectors there and things like that so you know there's some people say well now we hit a mini move them around here or there i mean that's all different kinds of start at president bush at the time now says take yeah well would i you know there's this i think a lot of people there's a there's different debates as people who say actually that we wanted to take him out because for oil with other reasons and at cetera cetera so i you know i don't know i don't have enough insider information but there's significant evidence that the inspectors are right and that we you know he'd given up his programs and we took him out for other reasons so hit you know if it's i don't i can't say definitively one way or another but i think that there's a pretty good chance that's what happened in the the american people were lied to uh because it's one thing to use nine eleven to linked to saddam hussein and he had nothing to do with th all nine eleven then they knew that so the clearly had some kind of agenda to go after saddam and and they twist of things around to justify going after him and so that part i think is on you know pretty undeniable and and and whether they really thought he of the wmds or not i don't know but if they sure indicates that they knew better and that they lied.

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