Brian Ward, Medicago, Covid discussed on Fox News Sunday


Is plant based It's a little Australian weed And we deliver the DNA for the protein that we're interested in into the plant using a bacterium and the plant takes over That's doctor Brian ward chief medical officer of medicago a small BioTech firm based in Quebec City that's created the vaccine called COVID events The end result a non infectious protein that mimics the dangerous coronavirus which your body then fights It looks just like the virus And so the immune response is quite strong It's so strong the company is now in talks with U.S. health officials about buying the two shot dose and has an agreement to supply upwards of 76 million doses to the Canadian government which has already approved its use Tom busby Bloomberg radio What is dedication The thing that drives me every day is a dad is very on what we call them day to day for short Every day he's hungry for something whether it's attention affection knowledge and there's this huge responsibility and making sure that when he's no longer under my wing that he's a good person I think the advice I would give is you don't need to know all the answers The craziest thing was believing that your dad knew everything So as a dad you felt like you had to know everything You had to get everything right It's okay to make mistakes As long as it's coming from love then you know it kind of starts to work itself out I want him to be able to.

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