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So you know kid reporter is in Congress and Mark is in some golden crusted bunker you know in his mansion. He's sitting there and you just can see his I dunno, his dignity sort of evaporate. Under, these weathering questions from representative and it was striking to watch this exchange in the COVID nineteen era. It felt in some ways this subject was from an earlier time but I think at the same time, like this is a reminder of of the reputation problems that the drug industry has and even as people are counting on and hoping that many of these same companies that are working on Covid nineteen vaccines and treatments. Well, we'll save us the drug industry still has some real issues with public perception and with drug pricing, you know one of the most effective. Lines of questioning that she did during this thing was you know when she she went year by year and showed how relevance price kept going up higher and higher and higher. If you think about it, that's such a sort of a unique thing to the drug industry. If you think about an iphone for instance or any technology where you're used to technology sort of filtering down getting better and the price of these products, particularly consumer tech going lower, right we we pay a lot less now than we did ten years ago for the same technology but with drug. You pay a lot more for the same drug over time and that's That's something that drug industry executives have a hard time explaining I think, Rebecca that's a really good point about how the hearing makes clear that basically the sins of the past the drug industry haven't been forgotten despite the way you know the culture currently thinks about them with cove nineteen, but it was also a reminder that the inertia of the past of Congress still exists because in addition to you know we pull these clips of representative porter represented Presley You know saying really theatrical things to. These to these men from these drug companies, but the actual three hour hearing was mostly various. Democrats and Republicans squabbling over which party was better suited to actually reduce the out of pocket cost of medicine, for Americans, and that just kind of ended in the same sort of philosophical deadlock that we are very familiar with over the past four, eight, twelve years. So I don't know in many ways. It felt like a welcome returned to normalcy but also perhaps kind of a disappointing return to normalcy because it's a reminder that not much changes on that front in Washington. Does it for another episode of the read out. Loud. Thank you highs another who produced this week's episode unless Ambrose, our senior producer and Rick Burke is our executive producer, and as always we'd love to hear from you tell us what you liked about this week's episode what you didn't like and which guests you'd like to hear on this podcast in the future you can do all that by sending us an email at read out loud and Dot News Dot com, and if you like what we do, leave a review or rating on Apple podcasts or whichever platform you used to get your podcasts the next week..

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