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Good idea i didn't realize how far north this was on the phone pass i thought it was right where the two fifteen in the fifteen meet i didn't realize it's up past the one thirty eight it's almost into the high desert it's heading into the turns above the one thirty eight oh i see okay we're we're the two lanes it's where south and north split for a while they come up there they're not next to each other in that that area yes one's slightly above the other and the southbound lanes ageold they're not affected at all right there yeah which which is good because that's the that's like you said that's that split whereas if this was the lanes right next to each other i can imagine the southbound lanes would be just as affected right but there are a lot of kids who are they live up in that area and mom and dad or mom or dad is coming home to you know hysteria or victorville apple valley and mom and dad or family members they're going to be very very late tonight because if you didn't get to you know to get off on the one thirty eight you missed one thirty eight and there's a couple of miles of traffic after that you're stuck on that freeway then until they open those two left to the number one and number two lanes i am checking out some cameras beyond the scene of the incident and i am starting to see a couple cars here and there are traveling northbound so those two right lanes are shut down now traffic is starting to trickle through.

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