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Plenty more on the transfer talk portion of our website. We track all the latest as the transfer window. Plays out this summer. Hendry what the shows now the beyond for shit. Look what he's trying to shake. Can't you just say so. Brooke patrick shakes players. Have the presence of mind the heat of battle to try us. We're just going with its own in the derek. We've just seen the goal of euro twenty twenty fifth marshall being high and his starting position. Some made a new tov. Davis told to start from or was he able if you've been on his new at of course it if the if the normal circumstance he's looking to sweep up behind the defense comes out so fantastic. Finish thing rather than looking to apportion blame all the time. Something's got go. School couple of days have passed. You still bitter. They're while we shall not ancient. We had a couple of scots an agent in the studio and saw was. Yeah the clock. Casey knows better than anyone point and argue the next goal keeper. I understood exactly walk. David marshall was trying to do. That's what steve alluded to. It was going to be the sweeper. Our our portion a little bit of blame the jack henry for taking a shot on from thirty five yards about when he had easy poll to his right hand side. The finish is just outrageous. Stevie.

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