New York, Mike Greenberg discussed on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch


Because he will yourself into work but i don't regretted by the way this is a luxury to have a couple of different jobs in the world where sometimes people just try to get one so none of lost on me so to go to circle back to your initial question about greenberg it was just sort of like where do you wanna go and where where do you want your career to be you know couple years from now and so on and so forth so they were preliminary conversations there was like there was never a contract presented to me there was never like hey it's this that they were all just sort of exploratory questions that were being asked also for hansa sort of gauge my interest if that ended up you know down the line being an option did did you have you found that since the show has been cast obviously is mike greenberg michelle beedle jalen rose it's obviously a different network but do you find yourself at all or have you found yourself at all watching it just to sort of see what it alternately became yeah of course it's like if you were talking to a guy ended up not dating him like you're not going to go on his instagram page and look at who was new girlfriend i mean you're crazy if you don't do that pitting sound crazy but i have done that no i think you definitely just just as any fan in the sports paper a fan of television i'm like to be just because i wasn't on it doesn't mean i don't wanna see what they ended up doing you know with the format of the show with the studio i mean there was lots of conversations about not not just even pertaining to me but sort the construction of that incredible that new york and to to say that i would watch would be ally absolutely i watched the first couples just to see how it all came together after that i didn't really need to continue watching just because it wasn't something that i.

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