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Media analyst, this is from David fromm who who hates Trump writing in the Atlantic immediately. But he hates Trump, but he wrote this why this is a constitutional crisis a cowardly coup from within the administration threatens to inflame the president's paranoia and further endanger America's security, but what he said isn't as peace impeachment is a constitutional mechanism the twenty fifth amendment is a constitutional maxim mechanism mass resignations followed by voluntary. Testimony to congressional committees are a constitutional mechanism overt defiance of president's authority by the president's own appointees. That's a constitutional crisis and how it was a cowardly move. We're talking about the anonymous aditorial published in the New York Times yesterday in which many fairly well trodden accusations about the president's skills, acumen, sanity, etc. Were remade by an alleged. Senior official. It was the first time we might as well be the first of the New York Times has ever published an anonymous editorial, no the second time they mentioned earlier time. That's it'd be a distraction. I mentioned one of west. But so everybody's hair's on fire in DC as usual while you got somebody who who who sounds like they know the thinking of the cabinet. Claiming that they all got together and vowed to resist the president and that they were considering the twenty fifth amendment which would be them going to congress and saying this guy's Kuku and can't be president. That's a hell of a thing. And on that note, we welcome Gabby Morin jello, Washington Examiner, White House reporter Gaby the time for careful fact based reporting is past his time for wild speculation. How are you? Doing. Well. How are you? Good. Oh, actually, what we'd like to know from you since you're around. It was how crazy was the atmosphere at the White House and or around DC yesterday. Oh, gosh. It's been a crazy week here. I mean between the cavenaugh hearings the Woodward book the not bad yesterday that you guys are talking about. It's just it's been nonstop. I'm trying to get a sense of this is just my sense from here a long way from it is that this was even another level though, by Trump standards of of of just holy crap. I mean when this hit you all had to be like jumping on your phones and whispered each other. Yeah, you know, I I actually just got off the phone with somebody who worked in the White House up until recently. And they were saying that there's you know, a great deal frustration about this. But they almost feel like there's been a coordinated attack by the establishment and career officials in the last week or two between, you know, some of the comments that were made against the president and aftermath of the death of. Senator McCain and things that were used to in the fifth person towards score political points. And then now they drop the Woodward book earlier this week with all of the accusations. And that about various staffers pulling filed off of the resolute desk and all the Oval Office to prevent President Trump from doing things they didn't want him to do. And now, of course, it's, you know, anonymous column in the New York Times alleging that they're sort of shadow operation inside the administration. It really is just a huge pile on. And you have to think that the president is certainly feeling very alone in this moment. Do you feel in this is more editorial than reporting? But do you feel like anything has changed with this editorial? Or is it a particularly loud pronunciation of what we've been hearing. I think it's probably more the latter. You know, most people inside the White House aren't really concerned about it. There's what I'm hearing. At least is that. There's not a lot of pressure on cabinet officials or even senior administration officials and senior White House officials to issue statements of their own saying that they had no involvement in this at this wasn't written by well. See I thought they'd be waterboarding. Jeff Sessions by now. No. Oh, yeah. When we all know, no, it does not appear to be the case..

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