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And like your ears kinda like dying thinking of your parents hearing all this then it's your turn you do your set your telling jokes like people sometimes call you the lesbian val kilmer because of how you look and then you're telling the kinds of jokes that you know like like you said that you know you think jesus would like and that your parents would like jokes about road signs like we were talking about you come off stage and then your parents have a whole kind of critique for you so your father speaks first it was a very good was very good can't believe you're came side we couldn't sleep out this late since uh maybe ever and what did you think well a i'm sorry some of the other guys were dirty but sato is like that limitless yeah i can get everything you said like what like lesbian val kilmer you look like val kilmer i get that but what's the lesbian price delays beans look a certain way can you waited say that i mean aren't all kinds of different people lesbians yep mostly women but i know i'm just making jokes just jokes later side but i can really learn anything about you where was the perspective the other guy he was dirt but at least he had a point of view sex can be a difficult thing i got a very clear picture of what he's struggling with our sir you like jason hooper.

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