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Europe, Canada, Franck discussed on The Bill Press Show


The japanese you mean general population not libertarian right so it's thought of it's something that happens in other places but there is no guarantee the europe and the states in canada are going to be these days peaceful i was in the us you had that to some extent because they have much nukes pay you don't really have that there is no guarantee and it everybody's gonna franck along peacefully and something that i think is rather interesting i've not seen a lot of news about kurdistan where iraqi kurdistan just a few days prior to the vote in catalonia also had a vote also overwhelmingly voted for independence the turks and the a rotting ends have said that they would oppose iraqi kurdistan becoming independent because both of those countries have fairly sizable kurdish minorities in regions that they refer to as kurdistan within their countries and they fear well if iraqi kurdistan becomes independent then are rotting in kurdistan and turkish kurdistan will also want to become independent joy live and we just can't lose our territory and iraqi turtle that has lost a good bit of their territory that they had seized it during the war against the islamic state so there questions about what will happen with kurdistan as well your calls and thought welcome eight fifty five for fifty three earlier this year after many years of conflict over the direction of bitcoin the creators of bitcoin cash did just what they were told to do for off now there are two bitcoin's the one that has run with a big.

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