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We got liza trigger with us You can follow her on social media at glitter cheese glitter cheese. That's on both on. Everything became an identity. I have a gold necklace. That says a loves album name. It's glitter cheese album available wherever get albums and then i have one friend. Who's a rapper. And she has a fun name so then she calls me glitter cheese. What's her name. She's little francs little racks. Brexit glitter cheese to me. Could be like. Is this on disney two ponies. I wish route she She had don't know if we'd be. I could do kid show you to a kitchen with kids and what i love is sometimes my friends husbands. Don't love me and my one. Revenge heads are obsessively loesch. They love you stray. I left a friend's house. And the kids said i miss liza and my friend goes. She had to go and she. Yeah but i love her. And i know the husband heard this and he doesn't like he didn't like it while he was having. We need to work on our kids. who they love. That was like his motivation. It'd be like we now need to do that. Those his like he was. He's never said anything. But i know that it drives him insane. He does it like he wanted to ask. Once i asked him i go. What would be the worst thing. Daughter can end up being like what's the one thing you just wish your daughter won't do and she's an adult say exact. That's the answer. I was thinking and he said for her to have tattoos. Nearly i'm have dude. That's your shit and then me and he goes i. Just that's the one thing and i was like. Oh you don't like what. I stand for human. I think ridiculous So wait so people can win. Are you doing any live shows and stuff. I'm sorry yeah. I'll be in arizona. The fifth through the eighth of august. Where house of comedy scottsdale not set nice. I'll be in the pool during the day. Jimmy johns to the straight to the pool. You can order. Jimmy johnson to the as long as it's within like one point smiles. John's is so annoying. Drop it off at the shallow freaky fast. Yeah is it. So he's yeah like they have really creek. Silence there within seven to eight minutes sometimes. That's my number one thing to do on the road. If i go to a hotel. I see if there's jimmy. Johns nearby comes super quickly. You have time to. What's your protocol surgery. Tom what are you going on a beach club. Jobs are the vegetarian vegetarian and add salami which defeats the purpose of no because there's like more avocado and then someone will make my own. Slim's i like love jimmy. Here's my question. Do you take your feature act on the road with you or do you get rich if i'm in the mid west if i can get chicago or they'll give a hotel right now. I've learned from the best saw. Always pay for. Lunch scher varieties. Of course. when you're on the road how is it. I mean i i go together. Dan goes on his own. But like sometimes dan you goes out with you know friends or or what he's with somebody can can mix it up with someone that he loves. is it. How's it for you i mean. Do you standards change back. In the day. I would be in one hotel room with a person and not care now like i need private. Hang out on like me and matteo lane used to share beds sometimes and just like sit on our phones watching tv and like that would that would never be anymore. Either of you know. It'd be worse for him. We used to fight a lot. Really know what we're diff- difficult we like scream at the time we screamed in the lobby of sirius. Xm and amy sedaris. We both love whereas like watching us from the balcony. We're like wow really pushing the time. And i want you know what it's like. You guys are a married relationship while really pushing the very neutral thing and this what is the thing that will set me off to no end. What can my wife say to me. That will just get the get the mail guessing god damn email sweaty. Mattie read them. I mean it's like anything about anything. Get emails because i get emails that tells what's going on so i guess you don't read these like boiling boiling All right go see liza trigger. How could people pfizer website. They can find. I'm bad at promotes hosted on posted on twitter. Where you're going to be try. Instrument will just spiral right to be because we fight so much. I wasn't on time to the airport once but mattel's like i'm not fucking texting that bad going. Where are you. I was in bed. Hasn't woken up and so the one time he didn't reach out 'cause i yell at him all the time i missed the flight and then we were doing a show at college about failure and we did so bad that they complained to agents pass. The just showing showed hotel so now i am on the road i i like to do. Sometimes i'll watch sex and city or svu all.

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