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But presumably. The jury doesn't know that but the point he was making or he seemed to be trying to draw out is well. you know. Kathy's drug rehab at lenox hill was between six and nine pm meaning her day job her nine to five job. She could still conduct yourself there. Well it wasn't a nine to five job. She was a fourth year medical student. Which meant sometimes. She was sleeping overnight in the hospital. She didn't have the time to go there at six. Pm three days a week. These were not the most impactful items to say the least charlie. Were you surprised that he didn't spend more time. I mean aside from which topics he decided to talk about. Did you think that he would spend more time with robert durst just trying to make him seem a little bit more sympathetic. I was thinking about it the night. Before what are you gonna do to try to rehabilitate them to stem this avalanche of information from the prosecution to suggest to the jury you know they got the wrong guy. And i wasn't sure how you would do that. But i do. Think we got an example today of how not to do it. He has a podcast host and producer. I was hoping that to garin. Wasn't going to take the silent advice that i would have given him. Which is quit while you're behind because you're only going to get more behind and i was grateful that he did go another half day and go ahead and ask bob some questions but i don't think he did himself any favors with any of that redirect examination. That's for sure britney. What did you make of fluids. Re-cross of bob. I think lou and ended on a high note. You know. I think by going back to the jailhouse call with debbie and his previous testimony about knowing where cathy was buried really helped make his point. You know i think it would have been unrealistic to expect durst to come right out and confess but what has done over the course of all. These many days is show him to be an unreliable narrator of his own story. And when bob went back and used the same strategy of just trying to explain his way out of these very damning things he said. I think that's telling. And i can only imagine that the jury sees that too i agree. It was very precise. And it didn't take that long. And i loved when lewin astor's if he really thought kathy would including your application that her husband was emotionally and physically abusive like that was going to happen. Yeah at the end. I thought it was a nice little ending said so bob. You have repeatedly admitted that. If you would kill capi or susan or both of them you would never tell us correct and bob one word response. Correct well i think that's a good place to end today's episode. We will continue to follow this trial as we go through closing arguments. And as we cover the jury deliberation and the aftermath of the jury deliberation the verdict and post-verdict events so stay tuned for the next episode of jury duty the trial of robert durst on the evening of february fourth. Two thousand three four year old sophia. Juarez was at home in kennewick washington. One of her relatives left the family home to go make a quick stop at a nearby convenience store for milk and after he left sofia decided to follow him in the bright bubbly young girl who would have turned five. The very next day vanished into the night never to be seen again. I'm marissa in from wondering this episode. Three hundred and one of the vanished so feel worse as story. Please remember that you can receive. Alerts and news breaks on developments in robert durst murder trial as well as new episodes of season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst by subscribing now on apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts again if you want to refresh your memory on where. The prosecution and defense are heading their arguments in the trial. Go back and re listen to episodes from season. One and head over to crime story dot com for in-depth coverage of the story. Jury duty the trial of robert durst is created and produced by. Carry anthony lewis. This episode was written by molly miller. It was edited by molly miller and alexis note of our tolo with help from brittany bookbinder. It was co produced. By molly miller alexis note of our tolo and brittany bookbinder music was provided by strike audio. Thanks for joining us. And we hope you'll come back for the next episode of jury duty. The trial of robert durst..

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