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Because i think a lot of younger viewers really don't have that sense of gary of based on netflix it's okay i think the entire scary shanley shot and i think the entire larry sanders show are both on that flight okay that's your best entry point yeah oh my no i'm sorry hbo this is was on each i should've said it was on netflix but i'm wrong it's on hbo as are all his old shows so forgive me for that mistake but yes it's showing shows an amazing it's a show about a guy whose life is a tv show and he's aware of that he knows that he is in a sitcom as he's living his life and he messes with the conventions of sitcom as his life is going on it's utterly brilliant and there was never anything like it before it when it came out is pretty prescribed actor but that's not even like the best thing about your shanley's life because then he went onto even trump himself by making the larry sanders show and that is a sort of behind the scenes of what it's like making the tonight show or a similar late night stand up or late night righty show and that show is also a work of genius that's i think probably still holds up today in fact watching then then diaries of garry shandling made me want to go back and watch both of those shows again but really this is so much more than just about those two series it really is comprehensive about the entire life of garry shandling starts with him as a very young boy and the thing i didn't realize is that judd appetito had a really amazing relationship with garry shandling through his entire life i mean he reached out to shanley when he was a teenager and it resulted in a lifelong mentorship that garry shandling the relationship had with jeff appetite that led to after gary shellings sad death led to judah getting a bunch of these diaries that garry shandling kept through his life a bunch of video footage of him and his family that was really personal and really intimate.

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