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R. See here in Houston and has the exclusive interview the first interviewed Jeff Luna former. Gm of the Astros has done since he was relieved of his duties here and suspended by Major League Baseball and she's got not at six thirty on channel two. She joins us now. Vanessa Richardson Vanessa. Welcome in let me let me start here. Will there be anything we here in this interview. That blows are minor shocks US tonight. Thanks for having me on. There's a couple of there's a couple of bombshells for sure and the full interview was thirty seven minutes long which is a really really long time and a lot. Most of that will air. And then we'll have the full thing online but he definitely gave a lot of new information and the main thing and you know this is somebody that works media. This is huge. He said that no questions were off limits and went a lot of times when you interview someone who is coming out of the scandal or a sticky situation. They'll say okay. Well you'd have to be anything but I'm not going to answer any questions about this disturbance right. He didn't do that so there. There was a lot Vanessa will. Is there any bus tossing? Goes on are are there. Are People going to be called out that we're not expecting to be called out Yeah I mean there were points on the interview where he talks about Specific incident who handled which incident A lot of times he didn't use names but maybe he used someone's job title And then he really got into got into a lot of Not only the cheating part of it but the clean up of certain incidents because you know there were these talks about Jeff. Lino creating a toxic culture and so He really tries to get into. Why got he doesn't feel that that's proper but yeah he gives specific examples. He talks about Certain members of the organization and then he also has a message for Astros fans that he really wants them to hear as well. All right. We'll astros fans be thumbs up or thumbs down after they hear Jeff Luna tonight. Funny because you know I my job is reporter is just to help. Share the story and then everyone can decide for themselves right right I do. I do think it will Some conversations and he's a smart guy right like he doesn't think everybody's GonNa love him after this but he wanted to share his perspective and give as much information possible with his side of what happened He has some documents and some evidence that he and his lawyer able to get their hands on that support his argument and he just wants people to hear that he wants people to see that and And share his side of things Vanessa. Does he revealed the the evidence tonight in the interview at six thirty that the NASA Richardson Channel to anchor. Reporter joins US here on. The Sean Sows re-showing Sports Talk Seven. Ninety she has the exclusive which is going to be awesome tonight at six thirty on channel. Two I interview former Astros. Gm Jeff lemnos done since. Not only is firing. But since he was suspended by Major League Baseball Vanessa S. A with this and you talk about the documents wide. He do this interview. What what's the reason why I asked him about that? And just the timing of it you know. It's been nine months Since he was he was let go and He just felt like it was the right time to again. Share his story and he didn't WanNa do it while the Astros were playing. He didn't want to try to take attention from the Astros. He didn't WanNa try to steal their spotlight He talked it over with his his wife and I got to know both of them last year and so he thought that now is the proper time they after they're done playing. It's been nine months and You know he didn't WanNa do it at the beginning of the pandemic either so it was a combination of things but he finally felt ready. Vanessa will he be? Does he think he's or do you get a sense from talking to him that this is part of the next step in being employed again does he believe he'll be working in baseball again so? I asked him that tonight and he has a fascinating answer that will interest a lot of people I will say this. You don't have to be that smart. No that that definitely not definitely transformed the Astros and the Saint Louis Cardinals right so I have no doubt that he will be employed again because of you know business analytics statistics. Everything that he does well is highly sought. After so I have no doubt he'll be employed again whether or not it will be in baseball You'll be able to hear some of that answer tonight but I don't think he did this just because he wants to work again. I think that there's an element if you remember when Aj hinch sat down with Tom Brady of MLB network road. There's always an element of well. I have to get my side of the story out there at some sometime right like why wait. Let's just do it now so You know maybe that's a small part of it. But I truly do feel like He. Authentically wanted to give a message to ask. Their fans share his side and his perspective of what happens houses been on him and his family emotionally It's been tough right like I. Anybody getting fired from any job. That would be hard but the thing that really bothered him was He said and he says this a little bit in the interview. Just being painted as the mastermind. Or you know the one that was starting everything and And so it's been hard on him and I asked him about that and you'll see that tonight in the interview. He really gets into how rough that's been but look Sean. He's also honest and he has a couple of things that he says a couple of his regrets right. He doesn't say that he's one hundred. That so it was a very honest Authentic interview and I think after fans it really gonNA interest them no matter how they feel does. Did you get the sense and talk to her? Maybe he answered this. We'll hear from tonight Vanessa. Richardson KP channel reporter anchor. Join US here. On the Sean South ratio she has the exclusive interview tonight on Channel. Two WITH JEFF. Luneau can't wait to hear it and see it Vanessa. Did you get the feeling that he felt like his manager? And or players with the Astros or some that the organization through him under the bus. Is there any part of that? That comes out that he felt like he was on an island alone. Yeah you'll hear a couple of examples. Where he he felt like he was kind of scapegoat and he He talks about and it's not just the cheating scandal there A couple of other incidents. And he you know when we talk about we've been talking about this evidence that he and his lawyer Were able to get their hands on. There's a couple of there's a couple of Anecdote from those pieces of evidence that would lead you to maybe see his perspective on that again. I'm not gonNa tell anybody how to feel but He he does talk about the incidents where he felt like he. Kind of took one for the team per se and Then he was just kind of electro harshly so he gets into a lot of that. And yes sean. There is emotion. There is There is a message to Astros fans. There's what he'll do next. There's details of win. He knows they started cheating based on what he's heard and read and all that so it it was fascinating and You'll never you'll never change everybody's mind. That's not the goal but I'm just a strong believer that everybody deserves a chance to tell their side of the story and then people can decide whether or not they want to believe that person and finally you went into this your sports fan. And you've been doing this for Awhile. Did did he. I don't know what your perspective was about. Jeff Luna going into this but after setting as sitting down and talking to him. Did your perspective of Him Change.

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