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S and remote broadcast today on the road of the NFL scouting Combi. From Indianapolis seats, pro football talk live. Let's do this Florio. Profootballtalk live here in Indianapolis site. The scouting combine NBC's radio NBC s and Hello to our friends. Join the program on Sky Sports US, they're still watching us. Hi, I think we're still on are. We saw Eric saying. Hello. Hello there. That's all gotten rid of his shed. I'm glad how you feeling today Estonia. I'm feeling perfectly. What's up, Mr. big? Jess. Hey, I don't know what happened the first time ever four plus years of doing. This is the best Mr. big go ahead four plus years ago on the show. And here's what I do. I set two alarms on my phone every night. Right. Never fail me. And I had a thing when I was in high school. If my alarm clock was right next to my bed. I was able to roll over and hit it and turn it off and go back to sleep and not realise it and one day. I like I woke up ridiculously late and missed the first two period. Yes. So I realized you got take the alarm clock and put it in a place where you get up and you actually walk. I've never had that problem since that. Right. So I got my phone on the nightstand. At the hotel, I got both alarm set. And the next thing I know the phones rang ringing at five forty four AM. And it's it's stats say where are you? Like, what's what's? And I looked at mine. My phone, and it said, no alarms. And it's no. Off sleep at turn both of them. All right, nothing better than waking up to a phone. Call from stats. That's a great one. And you're kind of off the hook. Okay. No. I mean, he was three hours. Eighteen minutes. He was three hours three hours for him. Is like thirteen minutes for you. You must have been stressed. You look a little tired today. They're just going to say it. But other than that, you know. I'd love this. Thank you. This is the best thing. I'm not tired. I'm not sick. I feel fine. Just happened. There's no reason. All right. Was I went back to the room after dinner last night. I worked I went to bed at eleven fifteen. There is no reason for me to be tired, six hours of sleep would have been perfect. I can get up at five fifteen I had one for five ten and one for five fifteen and I turned to both off and next thing, you know, staff. We'll find you. We'll just take it right out of your paycheck. It's all good. Don't worry. That's fine. But I'm here. Now, that's all that matters. Thank you. And by the way, here's the guy who didn't get to see where we're doing this thing where we're doing interviews all week right after the show, and so we're trying to be very slick about it. So when we play the interviews it'll look seamless like so we've been here the same calls for a guy who went to bed in what he wore rolled out of bed at five forty four A s with emergency wakeup call and came over here in what I was wearing yesterday. So I do also kind of gross that you're wearing the same shirt is yesterday. We're supposed to do. You know? I don't know. It's just not Clinton cleanse cleansing for. Yes. Yes. It's funny because I noticed your shirt yesterday had like a coffee stain on your wrist, and you had no. Thinking. Yeah, he ain't wearing that shirt. Tomorrow is gonna wear out. You didn't hear I don't know where I missed. I promise you I didn't. I thought we were going to wear like our NBC polo. I thought that's what the final determination was I so I just brought the I wore these because nobody said anything said, so I didn't know what to do. Sorry. All right. Back on track show. I'm the one that was on track until you decided to go down the I was late late for work. All right. Kevin Colbert was with his yesterday. And he said some things that I think we're very interesting, and we're gonna play some of them for you, two four interviews. Available proof profootballtalk dot com. Also, we had it on the PF PM podcast yesterday. But we asked Kevin Colbert about both Antonio Brown and beyond bell and want to start with Antonio Brown. Because we're at a point where it feels like the relationship isn't salvageable, and we asked Kevin Colbert among other things whether he thought at some point the relationship was salvageable, here's what Kevin Colbert had to say. Now, I think any any relationship is salvageable I've seen it. You've seen it game to game play to play week to week season to the next season. I mean players are very emotional. I know Antonio was very disappointed that we didn't get in the playoffs himself included. He wants to win the Super Bowl, and he's very highly competitive person. Did it unfold is as we all wanted to know world disappointed in that? Because you know, when when we spoke I said, I expressed my disappointment to him that we may not win a Super Bowl together. And if he goes into hall of fame, it may not be with us, and I'm disappointed because when I look at it I failed in not being able to to get the most out of that that group of players himself included. And I think he's disappointed and what we've all agreed on is. Okay. We'll look at maybe moving forward maybe moving on without each other. But again, as I've stated many times if it doesn't benefit the Steelers it won't happen. There's so much. We can say about that one thing that caught my ear as we were listening to that. Colbert saying that he failed to get the most out of that group of players. It's not his job to get the most. It's his job to accumulate. Somebody else has failed to get the most out of those players. Your name isn't Kevin Colbert. Sure. I mean, if if you if you were I think if he was rephrased that would go. Yeah, you're right. You're right about that. Mike tomlin. It's his job to get the most out of the players. Kevin colbert. It's his job to get the right guys in the building. Not only talent wise, even personality wise. I think you could say that too. I mean. Yeah, you gotta know what type of guy. That's why you know, teams organizations do background checks as far as just getting to know the players personality and what he's like off the field because they are they are thinking in the future. Wait, if this guy becomes a star. How is he going to act if we pay him a lot of money? How is he going to act as you can continue to buy into what we do as a team? And this is why we don't have issues like this with New England. I know New England's a special entity in that. But you know, what also caught my I mean every any any relationship is salvageable. Right. So to me, I I still don't think they're like, oh, he's definitely not going to be here as they're gonna let this thing play out. And the other thing is, you know, again, I just hope they they drive a hard bargain because they're on the hook for a whole lot of money, and they should not let a guy like Antonio Brown out the door for less than something that they truly feel is fair compensation for one of the best wide receivers and football. We'll spend that forward in a minute. But one of the reasons why they got to this point in the opinion of Kevin Colbert is their failure to make it to the playoffs last year. And he seems to think that they had made it to the playoffs. Everything would be fine. Antonio Brown would be happy. He would still be there. And I think this isn't a week seventeen thing as much as it's a week sixteen thing because after we met with Colbert, we kind of work backward is to where's the point where it all went wrong because it was Wednesday of week seventeen week while the Steelers were still alive, but they needed help. They needed the Browns beat the ravens in order to get in. That's when Brown went AWOL. I think it was week sixteen the loss to the saints in New Orleans if they win that game or if the ravens lose to the charges the night before then maybe there's a vibe that week. Seventeen. Let's go win. And we're in we're in the playoffs and everything's fine. So I think it was that week sixteen game that caused everything to fall apart for Antonio Brown. He had a big performance in that game juju Smith Schuster has the key fumble he gets named the team NBP a few days later. Right. And I think that all caused the planets to line up in a bad way leading to the explosion of the following week where Brown just said I'm out of here. And that that created the situation that led to where we now. Yeah. I think those were the all the examples you just us. We're kind of the final nails in the coffin. But obviously there was more to this than just that week or those two weeks. But I think it's a situation where it's always simmering. Yes, you're exactly right. Only takes one thing to turn it to boil that that turned it to boil that. This is all this has been there for the past few years. He and this is the one thing that turned the fire. He was on the edge of boiling, then he has the, you know, the so-called blow up at practice that we've heard about and that pushed him over the edge. And it was never salvageable. But. Even after that at least for that week. But then the other thing where I'll just push back against you know, what Kevin Colbert talked about a little bit is, you know. Of course, if the makes the playoffs and everything's ok well what what would happen. Then you tell me I wish I would've asked this yesterday. What happened? Okay. He sat out the game. And you made the playoffs. Let's say the Browns beat the ravens. Are you telling me that was going to be okay now that we made the playoffs? I think that's why he's talking about more week sixteen went off the rails sixteen. Okay. And and you're right now, I think that's another branch to this. If they had made it to the playoffs after he sits out the Bengals game. Shorted different. Then you got different products. Now, you're going into wild card weekend. And you're going up we're gonna play the receiver. We just sat out for breaking team rules and going off the radar. Let's play one more quick. Yeah. Leapt from Colbert what happens if the Steelers don't get enough in trade for an Tonio Brown. Well, again as a state earlier might players change from day to day week to week situation situation. We don't know how that would play out the way we've answered it before is we'll deal with it. When we get to that point again, we're open to it. If it works for both sides, great if it doesn't then it won't, and then we have to react accordingly. Not only the Steelers, but the player that may still be with us. We'll have to act accordingly. Look, I I just think that's news Antonio Brown. I think he's getting out or he thinks he's getting out. Yeah. And if the Steelers exhaustive process at the end of the day, they're not happy with the offer. And they say, hey Antonio Brown. You're still here. I don't think he's going to be thrilled with that we have to take into account the possibility. The Steelers are just puffing all of this. And they will take the best offer. That's on the table on March seventeen the day, the two and a half million dollar roster bonus becomes do. Colbert told us that they would pay him in theory, the money and hold him and trade him later. I don't think they'll do that. I don't think they will. I think that they're gonna take the best offer. They have on March the seventeenth. They are. I I don't think. So I think they're going to be willing to pay him this make it interesting. Yeah. I think they're gonna make. So you think they're going to pay him two and a half million dollars. I March seventeen and keep him or trade him later. No. I think they're going to yet. Both. I mean, either way whatever works out, but I think there are going to pay him, and they're going to wait this out because I think teams are going to think just what you're thinking right now. And they're gonna go, okay. We'll we'll throw some b minus trade offer out there for them on March sixteenth and see if they bite the hook and take that. And I just think they're smarter organization than that. And again, I just think with the way in Tonio Brown act, and it is good as he is. And everything about that. You can't let a guy caused functioning your team. And then just call the shots when he wants to get out of the team and go somewhere else to so I think they pay them hold them hostage. And try to find a good good trade partner. Gay take the best at dinner. Mcdonald's. Sure wherever you are. Next time..

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