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And so I think that was a honestly a blessing guys though, I didn't recognize it at the time. So now of actually prepare myself with restaurant, I've actually prepared myself with the in the main, and I feel I even at this time from where I was much sure so much as a stand up either. So I'm really excited to go out. They are actually looking forward to this quite some time. And now the time is actually come from me. I guess the allow me to reintroduce myself. Yes. Absolutely. And I mean who do they may well, how did you pay for this? I mean where you using 'em a lot of different facilities a lot of different gyms, different training, partners them. How did you go about it? Yeah. I've got a chance to use a whole bunch of different is training partners. I'm very fortunate less to have had this excess that I've had in my in. My my stand up. Righty? So I've gotten opportunity to meet link up with people as like GS P Rory McDonnell. I got I got stage. I got kids Dale. I got Joe Murphy, my classic team, which Murphy and Tyler boxing, coach Ramon Sada, and I've had a whole bunch of different people that have have have have come through for me. You know, I've come through for a lot of them, you know, when their times of need or whatever the case is. And and so they were they've all been been more than happy to come in and help me out and and give back to me. So it's been actually a great experience. And I think the reason why I never really wanted to do before it because I really enjoy those wrestling and the grabbing. Didn't. I I wasn't enjoying that side of flyer stayed in my lane kick by I think as I've gotten older, but you're the little bit differently. And and now I'm starting to enjoy that that grind of that raffling enough that that you just got in the trained with some amazing people that helped me hope they give me the skills that need to take on this level. And then I'm looking forward to getting more skills and order to, you know, take on that next level. So you know, what I mean? Yeah, you got to crawl before you walk in. And that's also with experience like in life. You know when I first bought that. I am I thought somebody like sixteen in my debut of they. Yeah. That is being young and not understanding that you got to crawl before you walk walk before you run. And you gotta run before you can fly. So so yeah. So I trained with some great people for this cat, and I'm looking forward to going out and being able to use it implement the skills that they they get they left me list comfortably feel with grappling. Now is like I mean, it's such a different thing to striking. Right. It's a completely different skill set. How comfortable do you feel now with? Oh, man. It's I don't I don't think that anybody can ever feel comfortable to be honest from what I understand about grabbing grabs there is there is no comfort on. I've ended opportunity to train with like I say I chain kid deal with Ryan hall chain. Sean strickland. It's so crazy because. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Those are some of my training is like the crazy thing about like about it is everybody has like with kickboxing boxing. You know, everybody has a certain tool that that they can come at you. And I understand this tool that front back inside out up down left. Right. You doesn't matter. What direction you come mean? We're on our feet, and I understand it with the whole like grappling aspect of it is such a different different sport..

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