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Read low point everything has changed now and yes in hindsight. I wish that had not become law when all end starts right now. Good evening from new york. I'm chris hayes. The coup came closer to succeeding than we ever knew. And we know that. Donald trump plotted with his associates to overturn american democracy. He tried everything he could to keep himself in power over the will the people in day by day we have been learning more about how comprehensive and how dangerous that effort laws. We did not learn the details of the single most damning piece of evidence yet until yesterday. And frankly i have to say. It's so damning and so on irving i've spent the last twenty four hours scratching my head in disbelief that it is not a bigger story because the document we learned about yesterday's should live in infamy in american history as he truly villainous text and if the acting attorney general at the time had signed that document it would have likely in the united states into the worst constitutional crisis. Civil war may have precipitated actual civil strife and violence. The document was drafted by this man. A man you should know. Jeffrey clark is his name. He is a million different ways. Unremarkable the kind of functionary lawyer that exists in droves in washington dc. You went to a good law school. He worked in a big corporate firm. Kirkland analysis you worked. In the george w bush administration back to kirkland and ellis came back to the justice department two thousand eighteen in september twenty twenty. He was put in charge of the. Doj's civil division near times reported that in december as acting. Attorney general. Jeffrey rosen and his deputy richard. Donahue were pushing back on trump's attempts to use the justice department to undermine the election they were unaware that mr clark geoffrey clarke had been introduced to president trump by a pennsylvania politician and the clark had told the president. He agreed that fraud and affected the election results. Basically he auditioned for the president and let them know the who'd be willing to be the trigger man for donald trump in his attempt to kill off american democracy in its present form that is not hyperbole. clark met with trump. He schemed with trump and he drafted the document. I talked about this letter. It's a letter. The georgia governor the speaker of the house and the president pro. Tem the senate. And it's drafted for rosen donahue to signs officially from the us department justice it says in part the department of justice is investigating various irregularities in the two thousand twenty election president united states. At this time we have identified. Significant concerns have impacted the outcome of the election in multiple states including the state of georgia while the department of justice believes. The governor of georgia should immediately call a special session to consider this important and urgent matter if he declined to do so. We share with you our view that the georgia general assembly has implied authority under the constitution. The united states to call itself into special session for the limited purpose of considering issues pertaining to the appointment presidential electors basically clark and trump teaming spell out what they want. They want the acting attorney. General and his deputy to publicly state. The election in georgia was too tainted by fraud to be trusted and that the georgia general assembly needed to use the power entrusted to it by the us constitution to simply come together and send their own electors to washington now. This would be a violation of georgia law but this latter is the part of justice. Telling them they do have the constitutional three to do. It would be a violation of the will of the george voters and the will of the american people it would mean the department of justice was literally signing on to the coup attempt in its official capacity. It would be a green light for mayhem. And we know from deputy attorney. General richard donahue's contemporaneous notes released last week. That trump was already pressuring acting. Attorney general rosen and donohue literally telling them just say. The election was corrupt. Leave the rest to me. The republican congressman. We know trump is pressuring republican. Georgia's secretary of state famously. Telling him quote. I just want to find eleven thousand. Seven hundred eighty eight votes but his key ally in this this guy. Geoffrey clark this previously anonymous functionary a guy that no one really knows but who is effectively. Plotting aku with the president. Okay so then rosen and donahue got this letter think no. They refused to sign a letter. We'll get this your ties reports. The clark meets with trump and his own. And then informed. Mr rosen the attorney general. The president intended to replace rosen. With clark who could then try to stop congress from certifying electoral college results. Clark apparently convincing trump to make him the attorney general so he signed that letter and again that letter being issue different addresses an act. That very likely would have precipitated. A crisis from which the country may not recovered. It would've put inordinate pressure on the republicans in the georgia general assembly again dominated by republicans a green light from the j. and they may very well have gone ahead. Appointed their own electors. Trump's to washington maybe other saints would have followed suit it would have thrown into a frenzy suddenly contested election. Even though there's nothing to contest it was very clear. Electoral result one man. What one one man lost ties. Reports donahue convened a late afternoon call apartments remaining senior leaders laying out mr clark. Efforts to replace mr rosen. Should mr rosen be fired. They agreed to resign. En masse when presented with that ultimatum trump seems somewhat. Swayed by the idea. That firing mr rosen would trigger not only the justice department but also congressional investigations and possibly recriminations rather republicans and distract attention from his efforts to overturn the election results and so he backed off and the gun. State holstered.

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