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But seems several people who were witnesses to the fire did find other human beings, you know, slave shackled inside in irons. You know, it does appear that a lot of res didn't seem interested in saving them that they seemed very okay with letting them be burned alive ended, the, you know, these people inside were very very very mistreated and in another article from the time, they're report. The people witnessing the bodies of quote mutilated slaves that doesn't look good. All right. I think there is a there's starting to be more truth as legend than I originally thought. There was going to be following that eighteen thirty four fire. The New Orleans be also reported that an angry mob formed around the Delphine home wants the fire was put out and the sheriff and his officers like when people started hearing about the atrocities as opposed you went on. And they're in a sheriff and his officers were called in to disperse the crowd. And then the paper reported the by the time, the mob left the Royal street. Property had sustained major damage with quote scarcely anything remaining, but the walls the paper also reported the slaves who survived the fire were taken to a local jail where they were made available for public viewing the New Orleans be reported by April twelfth up to four thousand people had attended to view the slaves to convince themselves of their sufferings that doesn't look good. I mean still is now reports of crude sex changes in crappy would still a lot of horrible shit. But but how did that story? Grow into the story of today will an early British social theorists named Harriet Martineau has a lot to do with that Harriet is widely considered the world's first female sociologist. She was contemporary of lotteries who traveled to New Orleans two years after the rumors of slave torture. Two years after the fire in eighteen thirty six to interview locals in her findings. She did note that Madame Delphine slaves. Look, haggard and wretched and appearance. That's what people told her Harry reported that one of lotteries neighbors, one saw one of the lottery slaves, a twelve year old girl named Leah fall to her death from the roof of the Royal street mansion, we'll try and to avoid punishment from a whip wilting del phen- Lowery. This is an important piece of the puzzle. That speaks to her direct involvement in slave abuse. There are several different versions of the story. Here is the main one Lee was combing Madame lotteries hair and eighteen thirty four. Madam lottery, roughly forty seven years old at this time, apparently at some point she tugs, the Madame's hair too hard Delfin goes fucking beserk over right grabs. A nearby bull whip and chases after this young girl whose exact age is not given the accounts. I read accounts vary widely a regarding what happened next. There were allegedly witnesses to this but their stories about this event. Do vary. Bit some accounts say Leo was first beaten with the whip. And then kind of thrown off the roof most accounts over say, she ran the side of Madame Delphine grabbing bull whip all accounts do have her running from Adam Dale Fain, and ultimately falling or being pushed to her death from either the roof of the home or from an upstairs window. So did she jump, you know, from from the home from the roof of the home to escape d'ici that she trip she pushed these are some of the questions around these events that will likely never be completely answered. But there are records that showed that, you know, Madame Adelphia was fined for her involvement in the death of this girl. Find a measly three hundred dollars, but still. You know, there's a record of this happening and of her being guilty of this happening. Some kind of abuse according to Harriet Martineau this incident led to investigation the lotteries in which they were found guilty of illegal cruelty to other slaves and then forced they were forced to forfeit nine additional slaves. Sadly, these nine slaves were brought were bought back. You know by the lotteries through in through through a relative relative go by back, then give them to the Madame Dell. Fina husband, and they were returned to the royalist residents. You know, sadly shit like that happened all the time. Interesting to note that the.

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