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Jesse Jackson, Chicago, Charles Ellison discussed on Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson


You'd reverend jesse jackson on sixteen nutty talk of chicago hey welcome back to feel were you do i know you do and you know what i promise you everybody's responding to this poll ninety seven percent of you say that the nfl owners have no right to force the nfl players their employees stand for the national anthem and you know what jewel and so many people have been have been tweeting they want to know they wanna know from charles ellison would you please repeat your point you were making the eu art wind was making the eu brought together politics and sport and where we go from here right now it's it through important right now and forever see recurrent made the point and we can comment corner but now is the time to translate message and commotion and that most amid political strategy i mean i i i really do wish in a very operational way that uh these these very concerned advocating black athletes because is really promising to see but you know maybe it's time to start having that conversation about okay well how do we matched them up with political strategist and consultants and show them how to navigate that landscaping showed them how they can start putting their money and and their um you know putting their money where their mouth where there tweet where there teeshirt slogan is so to speak you know that's what we have to start focusing on now to start because that's where you really start threatening not just uh donald trump but also republicans in in the us house in the us senate in those state legislatures the majority of state legislatures are run by republicans majority governors houses are run by republicans and that's why while we have this problem with gerrymandering for example that's why that's why the electoral college is tilted towards the person like a donald trump so you know now we need to get into the real um thrown your sweden's up business of dramatic we shifting the political landscape the power is still there but we also have to full fight back against voter suppression so these are the things that out that now i'm i'm i'm hoping to hear from athletes beyond just kidding outraged about what trump says now it's time to do some things to really hit them where it hurts thank you very much.

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Jesse Jackson, Chicago, Charles Ellison discussed on Keep Hope Alive with Reverend Jesse Jackson

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