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He's a b seventeen point four hundred first bombardment group eight their force, and he was briefed the night before saying, okay, here's what you're going to you're going to head to the beaches. And normally you're gonna take out those pill boxes. And he said, they were excited to go, but the briefers said and you'll tell your grandchildren about this day. You'll tell your grandchildren about this day. Oh my gosh. So incredible it really is reliving d day, your questions. Your comments are welcome today on the program. We call us on your mind in a moment. We're going to talk with the executive director of. Be library and Abilene, Texas. I'm sorry. I believe Kansas, known as the Eisenhower presidential library museum. Or one of those someday for teddy Roosevelt? What are they doing? Their honoring Mike today. So we'll do that just a moment. I chat with Scott south. Amanda on what? How are you, sir? Doing pretty good. I just wanted to mention Herbert buffalo boy from eight. He was with daddy second airborne division, and he parachuted into Normandy, and he has the distinction of making four combat drops with parachute. He's a four star airborne veteran, you know, one of only handful of veterans that were able to do that. And he jumped twice in Italy, and then Normandy and then another ones, and he was very well known. Those is he was there's a counts of in being wounded several times, and, and he kept fighting. And after World War Two he, he actually went back and volunteered again and fought in Greece. And just wanted to mention him and he's passed away, he passed away back in eighties, but he was he was very patriotic, and he was commander of the legion down on for aids for many years. And, but in his son, Robert, I believe. Served two tours in Vietnam. And he also came back a decorated veteran so just wanted to mention him. So I'm glad you did. And I encourage anybody else, even if it's a simple as my grandpa was there on day, I have a loved one, you know, I have a family member of neighbor just anybody to remember their honor, their name, you know, fear quick story. Welcome at all day, long eight hundred two eight zero five zero thanks very much. Just one more thing. State school superintendent, Kristen Baseler, her, her okel was killed in Normandy. Engagements. So is that right? In case people didn't know that. So. Did not know that I know her dad is a the Korean war veteran and he was he was wounded three times. And it's, it's a great family that served served our country. So where are they from again? Flash flash. Yes. Yeah. Fascinating, priestly call. Thanks. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Absolutely. Thank you. Appreciate it very much. Have we? Okay. So we have the director from the Eisenhower museum Todd. You got that cued up to go, and I mentioned, Don the director. The is now a museum we're working on at Theodore Roosevelt presidential library museum, added to the theater Roosevelt, national park named in his honour only park with the name to the honor of president, of course spent time in North Dakota, but imagine what can be done there while you can, if you think about okay, what's happening in Kansas at the Eisenhower museum and. Let's start there on. What do you have planned for the day? Absolutely. We have been commemorating today. All week we started on June. I actually with a with a community concert for community symphony concert. We've had guests speakers and guest programs all week long and today for our June six commemoration. We will have a very serious remembrance ceremony on our campus. We will listen to general Eisenhower's recording the order of the day. For those of you who might not remember the order of the day was given to all the soldiers sailors, airmen, tell them about the great crusade that. They were about to embark on. And it's, it's really a mesmerizing to hear it in, I voice. We will have a keynote address by General Richard Myers, who is currently, the president of Kansas state university, we'll have other other military officers from Fort Leavenworth and from Fort Riley. We're really pleased to have our military presence. We will also have some allied forces with us have Colonel from the United Kingdom and Colonel from France, Anna Colonel from Canada. We're really excited about that. On June sixth, nineteen forty four. The white Eisenhower was the supreme allied commander during World War Two, so he led the allied forces in that invasion on Normandy, seventy five years ago today, and obviously, that sounds like a great celebration. You're having a for operation overload. What in the museum year round? Ties to d day. And, and that five star commemoration you have going. Sure. Actually, this is interesting for you, as well for our we have this military career of his, and, and then we also have eight years of presidency to discuss in our museum, so about half of our museum deals with his military career about half with his presidency. That's the same thing goes with the teddy Roosevelt where you can talk about other things that he accomplished outside of the presidency as well. That's really interesting to people to learn about the full man, the full life, life of this person for sure. That's right. You know, for those that have not been to presidential library museum before the public part of it, not necessarily the research part, was, which is obviously the library and all the different things to research. But the museum part, the reason to actually come and makes this case Abilene Kansas destination. What do they see describe it? Sure. So we have it's really in two separate parts like you alluded to a moment ago, we have the research facility for scholarship and researchers can come in discuss a topic that they wanted to research, and then our archivists will pull the documents and the researcher can do that. Then there's a more public side for the general public to go and really experience the life of Eisenhower, and his lovely bride. Mamie. I feel as though without the archives we wouldn't be able to have this public experience of our collections to me, they go hand in hand and they mean a lot. What is the thing that is the old? Wow. What, what, what, what is your particular item or something, you look at you see that, that really stands out that many visitors comment about today? We have two things we have the planning table, which was, of course in England, and in our allied commander sat around the table and decided. How they were going to do the invasion and, and to me to look at this object and consider the conversations that were had or the fights that were had around. The table is meaningful because it because it led to the liberation of Europe, and that's an incredible piece to me, the other piece that I'm really interested in is we call it, the we call it the now I'm stuttering because I'm trying to tell you what it is. We call it case a failure note. So I how this note and basically it says the, the force is trained. They did everything they could do if there was any failure today on the invasion. The failure is mine alone. He handled that note and stuck it in his pocket. And after he found out that the invasion was successful he handed it off to someone else. Who's thankfully saved that piece of paper. So to me, this piece of paper shows that humanity of this man, and the leadership skills of this, man, where he was saying. If. If filled it look at me. And no one else mazing. That's incredible. It really is. That's the kind of things you'll see now Abilene Kansas is about how how, how many people Napoli in Kansas has about sixty eight hundred people. Sixty eight hundred people it's entire history. That's smaller community. Madora North Dakota's. Smaller town actually about about one hundred. It's near a community of Dickinson, which is about know half hour down the road. That's about fifteen thousand in right on I ninety four. So it's a fairly visit, you think people will come to this library? There's a teddy Roosevelt presidential library, museum, what do you think is reasonable in the way of expectations? As far as visitors opens as it continues through the years having.

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