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It's alliterative. They should be the long wood long Woods. Would you like that? Yeah, and their mascot would just be a long piece of wood. Oh, is that what the mascot would be? 'cause there's a couple of interpretations there. So, okay. Or a penis. Well, perhaps the mascot could be a penis. Okay. Gosh. It's the lancers. It's the lancers. Well, maybe they should consider changing it. All right, elsewhere. It's a late Sunday podcast folks. Cleveland. By the way, I meant that I meant to make a drink before we started this and then I forgot. This could be a lot more fun. I was actually going to be committed to drinking and having a drink tonight during the podcast since it's so late. But plenty of other opportunities, I'm sure of it. Cleveland state wins the horizon they're the one seed that's going to start this week. Northern Iowa is the one seat in the valley and Loyola Chicago is the four after loyalist Chicago lost in overtime. There are some who think that loyalist still has a case and a chance to get the at large if it makes the valley title game. I'm not saying it's impossible. I'm a bit dubious on it though. I don't know. Now San Francisco is still in the field for now. Loyola Chicago's got the win over them. If they make the title game and lose, it's going to be intriguing. They got to play probably northern Iowa again. In the semifinals, valley championship has always on CBS, and that will be a week from today. Asan, your number one is Jacksonville state, sun bell will start this week. Texas state, NEC, Bryant came from behind Wagner was undefeated until about a week and a half ago, Brian, Jared grosso. Number one seed in the NHC tournament, which is among my favorite small league tournaments because they do it the right way. If you are the higher seed, you host the game. I know sometimes logistics are some of these other leagues that they like having one kind of destination. I get it. I like how the NEC does it. If you're the better team with the higher seat, you get to host the game in the conference tournament in your own gym, shouts to the NEC for that. And then two more, Colgate's the number one seed in the patriot league that will be on CBS Sports Network championship game. Later this week. And then so Khan Chattanooga, maybe it's next week for patriot and then Chattanooga is the one C Lamont Paris has done a great job. Might be a coach that is a hot name to maybe get a bigger gig in the next few weeks. Chattanooga. Number one, and what should probably be a pretty good soak on. That's a top 15 league this season. And those are your one seeds in the small leagues that wrapped up regular season play over the weekend. Oh, and middle class team, I gotta give a shout out to Nick. David, big D and B fan. They won 5 games a year ago. On Saturday got to 22 and 7 clinched conference USA east division title. The other side of that league GP's got, you know, you're dealing with UAB, you're dealing with north Texas who all have stuff on later on the site this week. But one of the bigger turnarounds of in the entire sport has been middle Tennessee. And I'm glad you brought that up because when he replaced Kermit Davis at Middleton, I was like, he's going to do really well there. And it hasn't gone well. And I was like, why is this not working? Because he's a good coach, he's a good dude. I was like, it got off to a rough start. But like he has broken through this season and he's got that to a really good place. I always assume that he would. I was just, I mean, frankly, I know this is like really in the weeds for your casual college basketball fans. But I was like, why has he not got that? Because Middleton seems like Kermit was consistently good there. And I thought Nick would just pick up right where he left off. Now Ian heritage. I mean, like everybody left and then they had an injury and there was no way he was going to be good immediately, but I was like, just give it a minute and he'll be fine. And it took, it took two minutes. Maybe three. But they're there now. It's a good for them. They are, they are there now. You got anything else you want me to just give these folks a little heads up on what we got in terms of TV Monday, Tuesday. Every minute we spend here is another minute, my 5 year old could text who knows. Okay, Monday night. Here we go, real quick. Three games, three big games to keep an eye on. Baylor, Texas, 9 o'clock eastern ESPN, San Diego state Wyoming, CBS Sports Network, 9 o'clock tip, those mountain west games always worth the watch there. Get yourself prime because that's gonna be a really good conference tournament. And then UCLA Washington is a late COVID makeup game 11 eastern ESPN2. And then Tuesday is pretty stacked. Providence nova gets a go in 6 30 eastern Fox Sports one. Kansas TCU is an ESPN+ game at 8 o'clock, but TCU and a good spot their home see if they can get it done. Michigan state plays at Michigan. Obviously an urgent game for the wolverines, 8 30. You've got saint bonaventure VCU 8 30 CBS Sports Network, just two good a ten teams, intrigues me at least, and then two more Purdue Wisconsin. That's the game of the night, Purdue at Wisconsin, see if the Big Ten regular season champion could hang in the balance of that game. Wisconsin wins that game. It's guaranteed to do it. And then Arizona USC, another good late tip. 11 eastern on Tuesday. So when we talk again on Wednesday morning, we will have all of that to talk about. And oh by the way, when we talk again on Wednesday morning,.

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