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House fire has killed two people in Pasadena Maryland and two anaerobic county firefighters who tried saving them are injured The call came in at around 1230 this morning We received a call from inside the residents from one of the occupants saying that the house was full of smoke and that they were unable to evacuate When firefighters arrived on the scene smoke was pouring out from all sides of the single story house they went in and rescued the people inside A paramedics made an attempt to resuscitate them which was unsuccessful Telling chief Russ Davies says the victims were James and Patsy Griffin both in their 70s This was an accidental fire It started in the kitchen in the area of the stove Two firefighters suffered minor injuries both have been released from the hospital In Pasadena Luke Luger WTP news He claimed a panhandler killed his wife Jacqueline but a Baltimore jury believes that he is the one who stabbed her to death and now they've convicted Keith Smith of first degree murder The Baltimore sun reporting that smith's story about the panhandler fell apart Police say they arrested him and his daughter at the airport where the two were making a hasty trip to Mexico A valeria Smith pleaded guilty to acting as an accessory she testified her father drove her and her mother to a park where Kevin attacked her Travis Scott a speaking out for the first time since ten of his fans were killed at a crowded concert in Texas The situation turned deadly when the crowd pushed forward trapping some people and trampling others This sit down with Travis Scott was with radio and talk show host charlamagne the God on his YouTube channel It hurts her community or to a city has just been a lot of thoughts you know a lot of feelings a lot of grieving While the rapper says it has been hard he also denied initially knowing concert goers were hurt addressing the raging culture his concerts have been known for Her concerts we've grown it to be just experience of having fun It's not about just harm Us as artists we trust in our professionals to make sure that things happen to people leave you know safely More than 140 lawsuits have been filed since the ASTRO world tragedy Matt piper CBS News Christmas is just days away and that means many folks are rushing to get the latest technology Knowing what to do with the old gadgets and devices should also be on your to do list From phones and laptops to the latest headphones and smart watches is out with the old and in with the new devices but across the U.S. more than 151 million phones are trashed every year That means 40% of heavy metals in landfills are old electronics There's no tipping point inside So every year more electronic based arises in a market Pascal Leroy is the director general at the waste electronic and electrical equipment forum one way to help ease the growing problem when buying new products Make sure that that product is recyclable it's repairable It can be properly dismantled Melissa Howell WTO's One.

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