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What i have heard. Joe cries your chance and have been made aware of your concerns everything from the outrage of last week to even the inappropriate actions of an would officer on main street this very afternoon. An officer fall from his designated post in fact biggs b. You know me. I believe every officer cadet to chief has a job to do in this city and if any officer in this city ever fall short of his responsibility you have my solemn oath as me. I will hold them accountable. The miseducation of john mark episode to who is john mark was written by autumn edwards. And michael sallis was directed. Sound design and edited by joshua williams produced by having character and joshua williams starring k dawson christina carterton bio soriano. Justice hall read rosenberg. Jonathan baron and trayvon foster additional voices by benjamin jones nausea brooks. Evan carrington jessica. Williams matt smith. Jackie don this jerry schultz robert williams and joshua williams music by amber spill. Dusty dex lacks superlative. Magnus ring bloom luciferian. John mark theme was composed by caleb. Childress the miseducation of john. Mark is a sea space medium production. If you enjoyed this episode. Police subscribe leave a rating and review and share with a friend. Keep up with production. At who is john. Mark dot com or visit our facebook page at facebook dot com slash. Who is john mark.

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