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Well as any new developments. In the killer. Clown case felonious, Florida will bring you updates through social media our newsletter and bonus episodes you can sign up at felonious, Florida dot com. Thank you for listening to the conclusion of the killer. Clown of Wellington and the season two finale of colonial Florida, if you're enjoying the podcast in want to keep hearing new seasons. Please rate us on apple podcasts and tell your friends about our show is available online at colonial Florida dot com. Apple podcasts, wondering dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to take advantage of the offers from our show sponsors, you can find them in the show notes by tapping or swiping over the cover art their support makes the show possible. Go online to see photographs video and read more about the cases were featuring felonious, Florida dot com and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Mona's, Florida is produced by the south Boorda Sun-Sentinel. Wondering the killer clown of Wellington was reported at written by Tanya says and Mark Freeman with additional reporting by brianna Eriksen in Las Vegas, and I'm your host and sound zainur. Mccade austin? Our producers, David shoots and one or tak- and editing by Randy Guskey sound direction by Sean pits with additional recordings by Carleen. Jean and Amy Beth Bennett. The felonious Florida team includes Lisa Arthur, Dana banker Iran zoo, Danny Sanchez and Kelly fry. Hi, this is Tanya Allen. As local journalism matters. Support us by joining the Sun-Sentinel south Florida's leading source for news information, and entertainment. Visit Sun-Sentinel dot com slash join.

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