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This is the cat's table. John Cats Matiz here Sunday morning. What's going to happen at twenty twenty? What's the economy's GonNa do? Twenty two thousand eighteen has been a great year for all Americans and with us this morning. Is Peter Navarro. He's the director of the Office of Trade and manufacturing policy for president trump. Good Morning Peter. How are you happy New Year John on anyone happy new year and it was a great year for twenty one thousand nine hundred tell us how twenty twenty s so so so here? Here's a background for you. listeners. Before joining the trump administration my bag as it were being a macro economic on the forecast your businesses and for stock market investors. So my my idea would be to look at the chessboard. And in until you're out whether you we're GONNA have a Berisha bullish scenario And I would always be based on whether you're going to have a stronger economy so so the kids. The great news is absolutely the news. Twenty twenty Is Setting up beautifully off for both a strong economy In a bullish dog Mark Collier argue my forecast basically Will be much closer to three percents. GDP growth two percent for years. And I took some months ago that we have thousands on the Dow if We were able to pass the US Mexico Canada agreement and is lower interest rates from the Fed. Both of those things have been pulling the place waiting for the Senate feel deal on. US NCAA then the stock not moving upward. And I anticipate in continue. So so. What's the nature of the bullish forecasts? You on the way I look at. It is if you look at the economy. Scott feel drivers to consumers you got investment government spending you've got called called net. Exports Difference between how much is export which creates a bunch of jobs and how much import which is a job killer you know take a look at what. President trump has done is basically an economic strategy. That goes back to my time on the campaign when you talked about Stimulating economic growth from four points of the compass. Theo relation tax cuts on new. She energy sector in fair and balanced. That's true so here's where we are right now. Because trump and trump strategies worked so well. We've had really really strong employment numbers. The lowest unemployment rate then walked on new stores are low for blacks Hispanics edits and then And we've got wives and wages. So what does that translates into confidence consumers to translate in degraded the purchasing power because the rising wages and consumers the anchor of the boom. That's GonNa crew in twenty twenty but that's not that's not all by Muse me as if you look at the government in terms of economic driver. We had a really good breath John Last week when an Congress finally did something new past two things. They Pass Appropriations Bill between twenty and they passed also the national defense authorization. Russian ask the Chazelle that defense spending in it Those are great. Jobs and great wages can have a solid GOVERNMENT NJ a driving the economy along with consumers. Now it's even better five trade deal covering more than sixty percent of all the world trade and you're GONNA get put into place in twenty twenty. got a great deal of Japan. The Union the South Korea veal got candidate in Mexico and the US Canada and Mexico and got a phase one deal with China. So we're really strong on canonical out of that. And then business investment because growing so well and so strong here the business investment thus when flooding to you in the auto industry the cars in the US that Mexico candidate agreement we'd show strong incentives the mystic investment and domestic production offshoring. All the jobs. So this junk this is economy on the president. Donald J trump. Aw Setting a beautiful for economic boom in twenty twenty in a bull market. CNBC reported that the Markets in twenty twenty. Nine thousand. Nine hundred have gone up the world markets seventeen trillion dollars. They also reported that Massa charge has said that the increase in consumer spending for the Christmas holidays is over three point four percent which is a record high so consumer optimism is great and I guess based on also on the on markets and it's real optimism. John False his optimism. There's an it's real optimism because everybody wants a job get a job and the trump economy everybody wants to look for a better job as your whoa opportunities to do so and that gives families sitting around the cat. Kitchen table A lot of comfort. We're also seeing wages. Rise disproportionally is proportionally faster in trump country in the lower end of the income stream With president trump is done. This is truly remarkable. uh-huh is transformed the Republican Party into the plays. You'll see in class. C got Always Blue Collar Democrats who they that they used to call Reagan. Democrats now trump in the class. Who who are really supporting this president because he's creating all of these Jobs lobs Across the country in and manufacturing the new. And you're the trench industrial base is doing over seven billion dollars when you have been spent on the defense budget. northerns I do at the White House is making sure that we have fast foods Bill combat vehicles vehicles in places like New York Pennsylvania Line Ohio or with a lot shipped shipyards a robust again. After a they're really going downhill places like Chile. Shipyard Marinette concentrate Tuscaloosa Alabama. It's just it's just Pascagoula seeking until it's a beautiful thing and people should look look forward to twenty twenty one of the best years of insurgent history economically and. This doesn't count that. I understand Dan that if Britain Great Britain goes brexit that. We're going to do a deal to bring them into better economic policies just between us who was the Brits through for over two years. We're chopping at the bit there chomping at the bit the problem there's just purely the administrative point of view that we cannot enter into an agreement as long as they're still technically part A the European Union so that hard Brexit will new full negotiations The good news is that historically Arkley. It's always been easier to get mutually beneficial trade deals when you have economies that are similar to yours wars meaning that we're both industrial economies a lot of times in the past. He tried to trade deal with velvet countries. You gotTA commit some of their manufacturing base in exchange for some of your by some of our Our products and it just doesn't work quite as well all speed ahead for the UK. Now you feel happy. Markets in the states dow hit thirty thousand. That's ridiculous today's I'm on record. There's no back at you Google Peter Navarro and Dow thirty thousand. And then you see. I made that prediction both on CNBC NBC and Fox Must be much go in and by the way for you listeners I would like to say I have some significant credibility on this because you're on the day after the election on the river nice about seven am on CNBC squawk box when the teachers will down hundreds and hundreds of points. I don't squawk box and I was only one on the planet. He said we were GonNa hit twenty five thousand on the Dow the trump administration and I laid out the four main reasons. Why which were those four points in the compass I I do it? which was the tax cuts away? She cheap energy and fair trade. And so I made that prediction on November. Nine Twenty Sixteen we got to twenty five thousand and thirty thousand on the Dow couple of months ago. We're going to get there as well. That's me I'm thinking. Thirty thousand the under twenty one sanskrit Last question China are things falling into place yet. Moving food it Just just the way Ambassador Robert White House chief. Negotiator has said he needs came in principle to a phase. One reveal Some weeks ago The remaining task which is the central part of the process is to translate fix page age with me which is an English into Chinese and they made sure that that Chinese edition basically assess accurately the English version. And once that's done new on to a signing ceremony. The good news is that China's already buying all substantial amounts of agricultural products And so all systems appear to be go for that and We're going to be very positive and optimistic in that game. Peter Navarro thank you so much happy New Year and thank you for what you do for our country and and and the world world now and hope to catch up with your New Year call call me at any John Young told about President Donald J trump and his vision for America. Thank you this is the table. We'll be right back..

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