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Conley even as our newsman, Robert Wood, and the Chinese team were giving you all the latest that's been coming to them. Just a couple of things breaking just within the last couple of moments Mitt Romney wins Senate race and a Utah. The projected winner there. Yeah. No surprise there. Right, kathy. Here's one and we'd have to take a look at the record books. I'm not sure when's the last time there's been a democratic governor in the state of Kansas. But Laura Kelly is now the projected winner or the governor's race in the state of Kansas over Chris Kobe. Kobe was one of those that President Trump got behind early on in the primaries as well as in this race, and I hadn't been supporting Colbert so much as of late and may have not helped go watch their in Kansas. But bottom line, a democrat now the governor of Kansas and that just moments ago, and then this one in North Dakota another one of those US Senate races that's been pretty closely. Followed Kramer, the Republican over Heidi Heitkamp, the democrat. I'd camp was the incumbent there. It's now being called for Kramer, the Republican in North Dakota. Oh that one really wasn't close. I think her her fate was sealed probably Kathy as she voted against Cavanaugh for the supreme court, and that might have been the icing on the cake. So without a doubt. And it looks like a democratic billionaire j p Pritzker will be Republican governor responder and Illinois. That's what it's looking at this point. But you know, there are thirty six of the fifty states are electing governors tonight. So lot of activity Florida a hotbed fantas. Yeah. That was still too close to call. And a lot of speculation about those governor's races of as you mentioned many of them in the running tonight. And a lot of them were were projected to go democratic as opposed to Republican, and are certainly consequences for that with respect to redistricting. And that has big implications. For the presidential race and twenty twenty when those state houses shift from the Republican side to the democratic side, the Missouri. Senate race still being too close to call their between mccaskill and Holly one of those closely. Followed Senate races for you here tonight. And no doubt, Texas governor. Greg Abbott will win reelection about that's already been declared. We are getting more precincts reported in the races that are neck and neck. They continue to be so close Ted Cruz, though, just did go ahead of better work fifty point two percent to forty nine point two percent. But again, that's only ten percent of the precincts. Reporting could be a late night on that one certainly, and as we continue to just to to scour the countryside on all the latest results, we mentioned this about eight thirty five. Guess roughly a half hour ago that Fox News had projected the Democrats were going to regain control of the house of Representative. So many key Senate races too close to call even though it appears the Senate continues to lean toward the Republicans CNBC now reporting, it's an eighty percent chance. The Democrats are going to gain control of the house of representatives. MSNBC has another fifteen seats for the Democrats to gain control CNN reports. Democrats are still ahead in the race to control the US house, but they have yet to to call it across the board as has Fox News roughly thirty seven minutes ago. I guess if you step back from it, a Kathy and take a look. A couple of hours when we started the program tonight. And we said, okay, you got the cavenaugh factor. You got the caravans immigration. You've got certainly the economy and all the good news associated with the economy that we've seen as of late and how much were all of those things going to play into the results here tonight. We haven't seen any definitive information on the exit polling as to exactly how that shakes out. So don't know if it's just the personal animus against Trump is tipping some of these over on the democratic side, or if it's more basic more fundamental issues will this have to wait for the smoke to clear. What is clear is better work has helped Democrats across Texas? I mean, even Lieutenant governor, Dan, Patrick attorney general Ken Paxton enact Michener, said Miller are all in fights for their political lives. So we'll continue to keep you posted the latest. From the Texas.

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