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You had have you issued a citation in some areas we've issued citation in other words we had a closure here so we could issue citations in some of the areas west of i twenty five they hadn't had a closure so they have to give just warnings now if i if i warn you and i see out the next day i can issue a citation oko but because it's a new rule we generally give them a grace period that you'll just get a warning all just for wearing visit first year yeah did you notice did you feel that that's going to be effective like did you notice a change and and i mean there's well the change we noticed was we had several people here in eagle that got permission on private land and that somebody would see him walking the fence line and maybe they're over the fence line maybe they weren't but they return them in oh and then the guy would say well i saw brodie down there glass in me that's i saw that sucker up on this side doing it so they're running one another you know i was walking into a spot to rabbit in february and there is a lady that i'd see hiking in a certain area with her dog and she's like you know there's this you're not supposed to be shed hunt and i was like i'm rabbit hon it's okay so so what does the exact prohibition it's picking it up actually going from memory i haven't read it in a month or so but it's actually searching for marking it or picking it up so if you're out there with your jeep and mark you now you got a problem i got you so then it kind of gets into you gotta stop a dude walking around the woods and be like what exactly is your intention right now well you don't have to necessarily stop them if you watch him and you know you you see him doing this grid pattern okay many people hunt rabbits integrate pattern and then they don't stop this oh yes aw bunny here let me mark so there again it's you know it's the circumstances and you.

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