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You ready for the upcoming NFL draft is they break down the blue chippers and they speculate on the game's tech superstars only at CBS sports network Missy was still pushing content CBS sports network up and running you are saying all right so what's your reaction to my thoughts on WrestleMania and the good brothers killing it one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six Chris Harris junior is a quarterback with daily Chargers he will be joining us at forty past this is absolutely incredible all right so I'm looking at my call screen right here and this is a former member of the XR for TI there's a lot of them because as you know there is a Rome tree and I'm really proud of the wrong tree a number of people have come through here and gone on to really impressive things both on and off the air people who did not come through here as members of the X. R. for TI well maybe just call the show or participate on the program also have gone on and accomplish William impressive thanks this guy hasn't no kidding I mean just kidding stash right away all right so before I go to this guy I wanna make sure you understand who he is and what he did accomplish on the program he is excuse me he is I don't play favorites you know this I do not play favorites this guy's one of my favorites not only one of my favorites but one of the favorites of the XR for TI an extremely popular member of the acts are for TI and ingest I say well a lot of them went on to other things and accomplish great things not this guy that's actually not true he worked on the show from eight to two thousand twelve sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes front and center in the front row he would spell Alvy we're now we took off so he'd run the board and that's a nearly impossible chair to sit in ask Rick asked James Kelly ask anybody except this guy the stash did a really good job always had a good year for it always had a good head for it and he's he got it he sat in a very difficult share and nailed it so when I mentioned that I was I said ingested that eating amount anything he really did he went on to be my lead in at our Lafayette affiliate so my man is killing it and out of no where he calls the program right now so when I think about Alan a few things come to mind number one his killer porn stash number two these two knows the XFL cold and number three in the reason I think he's calling if not to thank me for everything I've done and by the way ten years too late for that stash it's because mom man knows wrestling like nobody else let's go to line number one Allen in Pittsburgh eight K. A. the stash stash brother what's going on thank you for the kind words and long time no talk I really appreciate it but I even more so appreciate that last segment easily hands down the greatest segment in the history of the show a WrestleMania WrestleMania recap that would make Dave Meltzer blush it was beautiful I loved it thank you so much for that you got to press high living how are things all I'm doing great I'm I'm doing a exceptional podcast and I'm following in your footsteps I am a proud member of the wrong tree and man this weekend I was just so proud watching what the good brothers did because I feel like they are besides me the greatest representatives in the outside world of the jungle and date main event is the biggest show under god's hot sun they went out there they sacrifice themselves for their brother AJ styles Jim I mean we we saw it in real time and obi wan Kenobi ask sacrifice by Carl Anderson Dr Serizawa from Godzilla from Luke gallows those guys put it on the line against the dead man representing the jungle main eventing WrestleMania adding to the resume of creating one of the greatest factions in the history of this great sport pro wrestling the bullet club and then they go main event WrestleMania it was just an awesome weekend for the jungle man it's amazing whenever I say elevate the conversation this is exactly what I'm talking about I let this take out this guy comes in he just elevated the conversation he is the stash he worked here from eight to twenty twelve he parlayed that into something so much better how is that XFL podcast doing our constant you know the league unfortunately had to go on hold halfway through the season but we're still rock and we are the first official podcast of the XFL so we are opponents of the law dot com and we're going to be you know talking to members of the legal on that road to twenty twenty one I mean it's a long road much it's not as long as the road to twenty twenty we started that show Jim the second they announced it was coming back that lead because I was so excited for more football springtime football needs to keep happening in America and thank god for the XFL Allen in Pittsburgh a K. the stache brother I could not be more proud of you it's great to hear you stash thanks so much be good cruciatus gem everyone's very very old they say the stash an absolute XR four ti I. legend if any of you have any memories of the stash that you want to share well if you want to give him some credit you know where to find me these guys already in Rome good god ponytail guy tweeting us about the royal rumble next question mark no James Kelly I doubt that the flight deck as always it's always good to get a text from a staffer pretending to be a listener bro why are you not about that are you jealous jealous much again the stash is a beloved member of the acts are for TI one of the most popular members of the XR for TI both inside the building and outside of it get some quick reaction rum jungle car mate is real the script writers for got to bury the good brothers till signed in Moscow another kirke Hey bro scriptwriters who are these script writers that you speak up dimazio look up K. J. and shut the hell up at A. R. fifteen cabins suites the gallows scream any impact is exactly how the jungle feels when we hear let's go to LA Matt in LA three one west LA tweets dear Jim the stash is the one who replayed Matt in Cleveland's infamous call on the fly give them simply being credit global warming what's going on what's up first of all the end of stuttering Canada they just need your sale hockey player hi Chris Christie alley Val Kilmer global warming yeah so you're wrong the one because the one time I said you were wrong well there are hundreds of times that I said you were wrong and I was right but the one time I said you're wrong the war right I'll give you that promising wrong I just don't give a damn this is about Yujiro it's not about me it's about the stash gives simply ping credit that's a jungle alumnus who has done extremely well in fact if we're being really honest the guys actually doing better than I am right now he's a leading to me on our affiliate he's the official podcast of the XFL not gonna be honest to god really does know more about wrestling that even I do and I know a lot if I could be anybody other than me would be the stash he's younger he's better looking it's got a better stash he clearly a smarter statue the man he drew stop trying to make this about you always it's not when we come back Chris Harris junior joins us and also a little bit later on I'm going there again Erica's team if and when we play some ball there is still America's game no I'm not learn my lesson they've had amazing off season it might get better all that is still ahead Chris Harris junior next Jonathan what are top of.

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