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The best version of the gallon do heart is still not nearly as good as what manny machado currently is still only twenty six so machado is better player than anywhere right now obviously and so this feature he's going to be a better player to ten years he's still going to be the better player but china the only thing is i like like part of being offend is you just like players i liked him i think he's like a young fun guy like it's swing he's like a fun guy root for with suck to see him go in a trade or get sent down if they got machado or go to the orioles for machado starring pitcher whatever it may be with sex starting lineup every day but i'm sure i'll go to each other just to this this through this all these trade discussions in any trade talk for that matter they're in two groups of people that are so fucking stupid out there that have emerged one the one side is that oh we can't trade from chato because he's a rental if you think the new york yankees are trading for manny machado a guy who has already basically said he wants to sign of the yankees anyways you know today yet who's like they're clearly the front runner for yes and he fucking hates the boston red sox for how they threw at him last year and everything he the perfect for robbery by the way he would be in you don't think they're trading and it's reportedly a big package if you don't think are giving up like real guys to get this guy and they're gonna let him walk after three months you're actually stupid person i mean i don't like to call people stupid because i'm stupid too i i mean you mean you there's something wrong if you think the new york yankees are going to let manny machado by you can go the dodgers or something no fucking this guy will be possibly achey from life at this point if or at least an x five eight years they'll give him a huge contract he's so young is unbelievable people like corrobos oh his career ob is blah blah blah and his opium never been this this year dude he's little implying for a losing ball club the first year that he he he sniffs like oh shit like if i play well here i can wind up in a good team in like finally sniff postseason success and orioles had a couple years where they did that but they were not fucking world series contenders don't don't say that to me it's all motivation the man is motivated right now to be on a good team and he wants to compete and he wants to have the bright the he comes off to me as someone who embraces the bright lights and welcomes all that shit will you wanna be in your gangqi like no one says they want to be near geika and can't take on the bright lights you know what you're getting into he has that stardom to him i will say his hair is a little weird it's gotta china don't like the air it all new to yeah i don't know he's got us which set up the second group of people are.

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