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The Great Gildersleeve is a man of action. When Marjorie Bronco mentioned the idea of repeating the marriage ceremony on their first wedding anniversary a great man stepped in and took over the plan. Now is a huge wedding and anniversary party at the Water Commission House. Tomorrow how the Marjorie Bronco feel about all this well. It's not what they had in mind. You've got things running quick kick in the oven guests invited with the Cleveland. I hope you do now. Let's order the ice cream and everything will be all saying Devi Buddy? I want about a gallon of ice cream. Yeah you take it along here. I'm not gonNA eat any speedy. This is for the wedding party tomorrow at my house. Wedding your new back. Your line was busy so I called MRS PD. You're both invited. Who'S WEDDING? Admitting Rocco advisory I thought it'd be a fine idea if they celebrated their first anniversary by going through the ceremony again minister and everything man. It's a sweet sentimental idea. I'll bet you'd like to do it yourself. Bb Lincoln Wedding Party Tomorrow. Whole House full of people cake reading much. This is going to be the high point of the social season and I'm arranging my Julian Bronco likely idea. Do Likely idea why. Of course they do naturally holding back a little. Don't want to impose on me. I can tell you that both till the death that I'm doing. What made you ask most married people kind of act to get away on their anniversary. I Know Michigan. Pb and I do you do on. Anniversary Michigan. Pb went to Omaha. And I went to Natalie Hurst. Funny thing each other when we got back. This is different. Pd Our family likes to stay together. We like friends the house. We jumping tomorrow abby. Yes while you jam.

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