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It's just really a question to you and the listeners but with this big win. This is a Manchester United oriented question with the big win against Tottenham. Like, do you? Keep Ali like do you keep so are like, what do you think? You're right now are you like I I've seen a big debate on Twitter. I feel like a lot of people are starting to go for the Manchester United legend, the keep him like us like I said ride ride the hot hand, ride the HUD hand, but my first choice for the long-term was an is positive. No, still still, however, all e has injected an entirely new life and love in the Manchester United world from the players to the fans, it seems like this team has been reborn and that cannot be discounted. So if this run and if this enthusiasm to play under soldier continued to the end of the season than I'd say keep all around what I would caution against is going to get a nother manager just to get another manager. I say if you can't get Paci. No this year's stick with Holly way to Paci Tinos available if he becomes available stick with smoke jar. But I've already seen reports. Linking fucking a Gareth Southgate to Manchester United and that would be the most new age Manchester. United move of all time. Let's me. I mean, look. No, I don't want Gareth Southgate. I don't want folks that was my follow up. So, you know, no, I do not because of the way he plays football. It's it's England football is more withdrawn. It's more tactical and square passing and waiting for an opportunity. That's not the way Manchester United played under, sir. Alex. And it is not the way mansions, not hang on to soak char the way manches not plays football is to take risks. The thing that's soaked or has told all of his players and all the reporters time and time again is that he does not care if immense knotted player loses the ball, all that matters is they win it back. So sulk your manches knotted old school manches, not it is about taking risks. And if a manager does not have that spirit in him the Manchester United football spirit in him than I do. Not want him at Manchester United look look who came in after sir. Alex, Davin Moya's. Fucking goddamn that Dutch freak who I despise L. Now hosing what LBJ Julianne fun. But look at them all very different tactics. That matches knotted has grown up and has always played you bring in a guy who's been coaching in fucking Norway. Who just so happened to bring in, sir? Alex to every training session to talk to, sir. Alex, basically every fucking on night of the big game to truly understand about the Manchester nodded attacking tradition, and what it means to be a Manchester United player, and that's what you need to succeed. You don't need anything. But someone who understands the Manchester United way to succeed. And that's why I'm saying don't over hype socor, but don't get go out and get a replacement that is not fully committed to Manchester. Not but that's not even my biggest fucking hatred about Manchester. Not fans right now people are already trying to imagine what. Manchester United squad is going to look like in twenty nine hundred and twenty. Season, dude. Or fucking squad is great here. Stopped buying players. I hate that shit. We don't have to go out and spend a hundred fucking million dollars every single year right now, we have a surplus of attacking options get a central defender, and we'll be fine. Play ander Herrera, Paul matych, pulp Alba or Scotland Tomei. It's fine. Don't go out and buy another marquee Sonning. Trust the squad that you have. That's what Sir Alex did for years and years and years and only when he needed to by someone to help the team truly hope the team he would Robin van Persie broaden immediately hoped the team Chih-chia Reto broaden immediately hit the team, but those were not world breaking transfers for fuck sakes. Let these boys grow together. Let them learn undersold char let them learn the true manches nodded way don't keep bringing in and I'm not fucking like country, whatever but stop bringing in goddamn Italians, Englishmen Spaniards Germans Frenchies. Stop bringing in people to match has not work with the squad. That's in front of you..

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