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The lanes open interlude still slow from 202 passing to 14 Central Avenue. But the crash was out of the roadway. Brief delays on the inner loop near to 10, but no longer slow crossing the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The earlier reckon the through lanes after telegraph Road should be completely cleared now in Maryland. On 2 70 south, bouncing the volume before 80 inner Bana, often on passing 19 with the lanes open. Then it looks good all the way to the lane Divide headed onto either loop of the Beltway south out of the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Brief volume approaching 1 75 inside the Beltway. It is inbound 50 in the delay before 202 headed toward New York Avenue while in the district on New York Avenue inbound slows at the like the Bladensburg Road, the CNBC to 95. The delays are before Burrows Tortoise Capital Street. The earlier delays on By 1995 TVs between Laboratory road in the Suitland Parkway. The earlier Rechner Malcolm X Avenue should be cleared and the westbound freeway also looks a lot better coming from Main Avenue Crossing the case Bridge. The crash near the 14th Street Bridge should be cleared as well. Back in Maryland, our house road south of old Marlboro Pike, you were under police direction for the wreck. Also fair Land roads still closed between Tamarack Road in Serpentine Way for the crash investigation in Virginia on 95 northbound, not a bad trip. Brief falling, passing 6 10 Garrison Bill. It. Also passing the Prince William Parkway and getting into Lorton and Newington. NH 3 95 No issues between Springfield and the 14th Street Bridge eastbound 66 close approaching and passing 28 in Centerville. The earlier problem on north beyond 28 after 66 is gone, but we do have the delays through Manassas trying to head toward New Braddock Road. That may just be a volume delay. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P traffic. All right, Let's check it out with Lauren Rick. It's really hot forecast and not just for today, Lauren. No for the rest of this week. Joan maybe some relief next Sunday. Maybe.

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