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Some job recruitment sites overload, your inbox with resumes. Glass door knows not just any. We'll do from sixty two million seekers glass door only matches. You with qualified candidates who have the skills and experience your small business needs to grow. In fact, glassdoor hires are thirty percent more likely to stay with your company longer and blast door can help you find that perfect candidate in half the resumes. Go to glassdoor dot com slash higher glass door, find the right fit for your business. I heart radio station. Busy week ahead for foreign policy is US trade negotiators. Hold more talks and Beijing San Antonio. I news national correspondent bills for right before eight o'clock president's first rally of the year plan this week in the great state of Texas San Antonio. I news correspondent Michael Bauer has the latest on that in one half hour. Mike appel pure podcast before seven thirty and news director, Jim foresight morning, commentary after traffic and weather. We've got a lot of heavy traffic around the city, but all the routine spots eastbound sixteen oh four Braun through Babcock westbound sixteen oh four right around. Jacksonville, say pretty much thirty-five through jets, and you got to find some heavy stuff. Same story eastbound highway ninety between sixteen oh four and hunt. Blaine Megan Bishop NewsRadio twelve hundred w Prouty skies today. Look for a high around sixty five degrees. Welcome in news director Jim forci for the first of two morning commentaries. Charlie morning. Jim shouldn't come as prize.

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