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On. Stories of their time that he had like thousand dollars on. In his loser on his person. I remember the day that we went to Dr.. Store when purchases three hundred year forty thousand dollars in now are. after searching. Butch is boots. The second shorter goes back into the bedroom and comes out with Sharon Anderson. She's hopping her feet have been bound with phone courts, which Casey fights back as the first intruder kneels over him. He grabs the barrel of machine gun and tries to wrestle it away. The second intruder dashes over and he shoots Butch Casey in the back with his own pistol. The shooter goes back to searching the house. Then he closes the sliding door and walks over to where Sharon Anderson is lying. He takes the pistol out of his waistband. He pointed down at her, then he puts it back in his waistband a few seconds later, he takes it out again and aims this time a flash of fire spits out of the muzzle as he shoots her, he walks over to Marie Rogers and fires investigators will discover later that he missed. She lies, they're playing dead for a few minutes. Then the first insurer decides it's his turn. He walks over to Casey and places the machine gun against his neck and shoots, which is body jerks. He walks over to Sharon Anderson places the muzzle against her neck and pulls the trigger her body jerks. Marie Rogers still playing dead, but not for long the intruder walks to her places the gun against her neck and shoots her dead. Twenty two minutes have gone by and the killings are over. But the video has one more stunning revelation. As the two killers leave the house. The video shows one removing the shirt covering his head, and he exposes face to the hidden Security Council. They have him on tape. For the next month. Investigators will study that image and the violent twenty two minute ordeal over and over. Again, they keep video a secret from the public and enlist the help of the FBI and NASA to enhance the image. It's remarkable evidence, especially for nine hundred ninety four. They know what happened, but they don't know why or who the killers are. Was this a home invasion, robbery, gone wrong. We're the killers looking for something specific as they ransacked. The house was push. Casey, the target of a hit by people. He owed money to. On the next episode of baloney, Florida. The Casey's Nickelodeon murders the cops believe they have their answers after another huge break one almost as big as the video tape. But I, they chased tips involving the mob and public theories about a connection to a double murder that happened days earlier and led to the trial of the century. Thanks for listening to this episode of Polonius, Florida. If you're enjoying the podcast, please rate us on apple podcasts and tell your friends about our show. It's available at loneliest, Florida dot com. Apple podcasts, wonder dot com. Or your favorite podcast platform. You can go online to see photographs video and read more about the cases where featuring at Polonius Laura dot com and be sure to like us on Facebook, loaning Florida's produced by David, shoots Arthur and one Ortega keys, Nickelodeon murders, reported and written by your host me. Lisa Arthur editing by David cheuse and Randy Rogowski sound engineering and production by Cindy Choy and Sean picks the felonious Florida team includes Danny Sanchez, Dana banker, and David Selig. Hi, this is Lise Arthur. If you'd like to support more journalism like this, you can help by joining the Sun-Sentinel south. Florida's leading source for news information and entertainment, visit Sun-Sentinel dot com. Slash join.

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