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Well the horses are insulting and they're quick. I think the horses are should be extremely insulted. After last night that some people interpreted their contribution contribution to this country. This country should be insulted. I i agree now. This case craves look is very hard for me to digest especially because she's now over to this week like she did not do you know her via may look would've been cute on this carpet. Said dixie demilio was wearing it. Yes and honestly. I thought looked great even though the headpiece was a bizarre choice i thought she looked unbelievably cute. And i'm sure she just wore would she was told guests and i was really proud of her. I thought she looked so cute. I'm sure she's gonna get so much and now like that. We have like a window into the mind of dixie. Like i'm just like. I hope it's okay 'cause after party. Look no take the headpiece off. No she had a whole other dress and it was fucking sick man. I need to see it. But like i'm sure inside. She probably took off her head piece. She's wearing like the white gloves. And the black mini dress and her. Makeup was very like tweet league. It was very american. The look we'll twitty's nod american. But i would also say audrey hepburn then. She's just like breakfast at tiffany's she's cares. Breakfast at tiffany's widen anyone do a lot of people reference audrey hepburn. But why not breakfast tiffany. I don't know. I think it's kind of obvious is probably yeah cute very cute for dixie dairy cute for dixie very cute. Okay next up. Justin and haley bieber really king and queen of among their couple power couples at the met gala..

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