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There's a great scene between catherine keener who plays his sister and holly hunter who voices alaska girl helen that they basically just talking about personal politics that and you just realize you're listening to the voices you actually watching a scene being acted up by two adults talking about dull concerns in the middle of a movie that people might prison was a kids cartoon that presume but is not and the remind me that senior talking about you actually mentioned later on they're just seen early on the incredible deals with sam jackson and bottle just in the car to have something interesting to perform and that can be two people in a car talking about old you know adventures you know where frozen it is talking about you know you know baron von ruthless and and how he's monologue instead of finishing frozen off and you know it's like two old kind of war vets talking about previous battles i wanted to write to scene because it's the kind of scene that i wanted when i was first you know animating professionally and i was really gratified when i wrote the scene and we recorded it with salmon and crag that you know jason nelson who does mr incredible that other animators were like i wanna do that scene i can i have that say no man i want that scene and it was great because you know there are two guys in a car talking but you can't animation can bring something unique to that that live action can't quite do and it's this distillation it's the dance of performance and by selectively eliminating details and finding the things that are most important to see animation can be very incisive in a way that's really it's it's it's unbelievably pure if it's done well but in moments like that which realizes the transport power movies suddenly you're not just watching a cartoon anymore and i don't mean that denigrate you're watching the drama you watching brad haircuts talking that scene between those characters incredible could almost be out of a howard hawks movie that could be something red river with people who who and what they are.

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