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Maggie 33 nancy pelosi's daughter christine she hates nancy but she's really glad a christine policy stood up at the california state assembly and said we have rapists some molesters are here in in this building right here the california state legislature and he knows the victims of these will stop so yeah i get that no no i i think i understand what she's doing she's trying to clear the way clear the path so victims can come out and talk about exactly who they are talking about so i think they're bula democrats and lowered them some republicans but it's mostly democrats in california her to be freaking out wondering oh my gosh are they get a mention my name is what along a people are probably worrying about right now and i did get a text message eight three nine one o five nine which party has had the largest number of sex offenders oh my god who knows i'd say it's you know if you think about this y'all nationally know from town council city councils county governments and all that it's probably tied now one way it is not tied is where in the voters puts sex offenders back into office you know in congress as well as the presidency yellow bill clinton so in in that i it in that way bs there are more and more democrats who seemed to say well you know that's fine we we like what he's doing and so we'll put him back in office and uh yeah there are more i think the republicans generally our job well let's just say less liberal a lot less liberal when it comes to voting for somebody uh for reelection and putting them back into uh office and also and coulter wrote about uh gerry studds he actually i had uh sexual a 17yearold page boy and he was censured and he said why don't care for century and knee he defied them and uh soot furry election and as a matter of fact uh his constituents were so outraged about his behavior that they reelected him six times though and then i put one a column that i wrote that's going out to mud eight hundred fifty papers and do such today.

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