North Korea, Kim Jong Hoon, Kim Jong Un discussed on Mark Levin


Of Churchill Downs declared country house, the Victor, this is horse racing editor Tom law says when the inquiry sign was lit a buzz rose from the crowd. In a way, in a way, in a way. And then after a while you wait so long that they're gonna make it change. Then when they actually make the change, you know, there's like this collective sort of grown some people are cheering, and it's a safe bet that those who put their money on country house where cheering he was a sixty five to one longshot in Waukegan, Illinois, a body has been recovered. Now, a second person has died as a result of injuries at the plant operated by AB. Specialty silicones two other employees are missing and feared dead, but rescue efforts are on hold while, Keegan mayor. Sam Cunningham says the remains of the structure are too dangerous to enter everywhere you need to bring a heavy duty equipment in to remove those those visible pieces that did a certainly looks like they're they can fall down North Korea fired. Several unidentified short range projectiles were called into the sea off its east coast while that led South Korea. To call on its communist neighbor to stop acts that escalate military tension correspondent Boris Sanchez reports. President Trump tweeted about the missiles, he writes, quote, anything in this very interesting world is possible. But I believe that Kim Jong Hoon fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea. And we'll do nothing to interfere or ended. He also knows that I am with him. And does not want to break his promise to me deal will happen. Well, North Korea's news agency says leader Kim Jong UN expressed great satisfaction over Saturday's live fire drills of long range. Multiple.

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