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Name is Todd Henry. I'm your host. I'm also the author of the accidental creative Diane Empty Louder Than Words and the new book Hurting Tigers which is about how the lead creative people well when we hear the stories of entrepreneurs especially when they're in written form like in books we often hear the backwards sanitized version in right or we often hear platitudes. We hear them talking about big. Principles big ideas things that we've heard a million times things that aren't necessarily always helpful old for those of us who are in the trenches who are really trying to build something a meaning but we really don't know how to take the next step. Well recently met someone who has not only bend successful in her own right is an entrepreneur but she's teaching other people how the follow in her footsteps but she's doing very practical very authentic transparent apparent way and I was just blown away by a talk. I heard her recently. Give and I think her book beginners. Pluck is one of the best books that I've read in a very very long time. Name is Liz Foregin Bohannon. She's the author of beginners. Pluck build your life purpose impact now and on today's episode we're GonNa talk about some kind of counter intuitive principles that she believes are essential for those of us who want to build a life of purpose in impact especially if we're trying trying to build our own business but this is relevant to anybody working in any kind of an organization doing any kind of work or just building a life in general this is going to be relevant advice for you so. I can't wait for our conversation with Liz. Bohannon is coming up here in just a minute before we dive into one Latino. Today's episode is brought to you by fresh books so as creative prose. We're in the business of turning clever ideas into customer value. That's what we do and the thing is great ideas and great creative work. Take time they take energy is one of the things I wrote about in hurting tigers is leaders. We have to protect the time and energy of our team in order to provide them the space. They need to do their best work. Well we need to do that for ourselves as well and if you're a freelancer an an entrepreneur somebody who's running your own business. You have to manage yourself by protecting your time and energy to do that work. That is truly valuable the things you're being paid paid for well. Doing things like administrative work accounting invoicing. That doesn't necessarily leave you at the time and energy..

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