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I wish. It was that simple SIM Ellie but it's not it never is rather lions training camp this. Morning and wrapping up our stay for this day we'll be back on Friday once again and it's it's kinda difficult to do this show in the midst of training, camp because teams practicing while we're. On the air, and then. They all gather round and you know they. Talk they have meetings that begin shortly after practice so we try to put. It all together for you as best we can but sometimes. It doesn't, training camp Doesn't coincide with our schedule where, one of those spots right now Tell you what I would not mind I would not. Mind hearing again from from Alan Trammell we started this hour with tram and he went into, the hall of fame as you know the baseball hall of fame, on Sunday along with the. Jack Morris the sadly without Lou Whitaker and while we're awaiting the lions breaking up training camp, for the morning and their latest practice I. Think that might be a good idea can we do that Mr. maestro Mike Parsons back to the studio where or awaiting word. We're kind of doing this working excuse Nike's? Working on it KP you're still. There I. Think he's working on it all right I really enjoyed your conversation with Dexter bussey who was Saderat lion players I always thought Dexter was the man to go to of. You, needed three or, four yards and you needed. Now give it to Dexter? He'll, get it. For you and he will not fumble the ball he will not, make a mistake I thought he was one of the. Steadiest running back that I've seen, in in my years watching the lions up Frank gore type, of running back yeah yeah hey he was and the quality person, and hard working very hard. Working and I find the fast thing looking back in the in the animals that he had, his first hundred yard game that day that. OJ set the NFL rushing record at the Pontiac Silverdome well I remember I I was in the stands I saw that you. Really yeah unbelievable cars when you have Reggie? McKenzie and Joe dilemma lira blocking. For you I might have been able to do something like that I'll tell you. Well we gotta guy block it for us right now. Just walked up and he's out of training camp today these looking forward to that trip to Oakland, when he'll do his first lions game on the radio and it's Amanda used to to, open the holes for for none other than berry Sanders.

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