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The guys they brought in right guys, you can basically say the same things about the Rams in the sort of Sean McVay era. They've gotten it right, and it's been really short, and there's not a ton of evidence on the table, but there's nothing to indicate that when they do something like give Brandin cooks a really big contract before he actually plays a game with your team, that it was the wrong thing to do. Some degree though, I think they were. They were looking to give cooks that money pretty quickly a, he's good, but be they had burned a draft pick on it. Sure. And they had had that happen with Sammy Watkins as well, and you end up losing it when he's out and plays. Well, he controls that you're always better and they did the same thing with girly. You pay somebody a little bit earlier than you have to. Maybe you get, you know, you have a number of the top of your range or whatever it is you have a number of what you something that's ideal. You're much more likely to be able to get somewhere in the middle that you're comfortable with, which is less than your max if you give it to him early. Yeah, I totally agree. But I mean, the picks that they gave up for keep to leave for Marcus Peters for for all these guys that they brought in. They can only do that because Jared Goff played so well so quickly because otherwise, all the picks that they gave up to be in the position to trade for golf may need to hang on to be able to drive. It'd be good enough. They need to hang on to all those. But even having said that with a guy like cooks. You move that pick to get him. You still want to have him around three to four seasons, five seasons. You want to make sure that you actually have something to pay off or not having the draft pick. Yeah, but the flip side is the other part of that. Maybe not the flips. The other part of it is the Rams. No. Their window is potentially pretty long like the minute you have to pay Goff. We've seen it with Seattle. It gets harder to win you seen that. But you know the other thing is they saw the division kinda tailing off the look around the NFC. There are a lot of good teams. There's no Golden State Warriors of the of the NFC right now. And so they took a window and maybe shorten it by year or so you're maybe it's, they turned a five-year great five year window into a three and a half or four year window, but they kicked that thing open much larger than it was, which I think is great. They kicked out the window. I mean the windows now shattered, like there is no window right now in terms of what they have in front of points, they're going to run off to buy a new window at some point. But while the window is. Kicked in there is a lot of possibility in front of the Rams. Yeah, no question. We're gonna talk about actually the Rams and this game tomorrow against the Vikings with Phil Mackey ESPN twin cities, and also talk with them a little bit about this. Jimmy Butler situation, the trade demand with timber wolves, and where he might end up Sadan show came in brothers, ESPN, LA down a show candidates, keep brothers in for George into kimchi, Brian Kamm Manetzky and the Rams have a huge game Thursday night tomorrow at the Coliseum taken on the Minnesota Vikings and break that down and also talk a little bit about what's going on with Jimmy Butler and the mess that is the Minnesota Timberwolves. We are joined by Phil Mackey ESPN twin cities. How are you. Well, if I could speak on behalf of Minnesota sports fans this week, I'm ready to to jump off the tenth story of downtown Minneapolis building right now, but I personally, I'm doing well. Thanks for having a good time. Beer sports, radio.

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