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That would be cool. I think that that would be so interesting. Because i have seen jimmy chan dues not that role right like kind of nothing like that a little bit but it might be really nice to see her do that. I feel like even. I would watch like another phoenix movie. If john was the actor because that would be fun right lake watching her. Just kind of be able to run. The gamut of jingles personalities would be really really fun in a way that it hasn't been a so no shade but it has been. Yeah jim this is such a powerhouse actor he is. I think that that would be really interesting. She commands subtlety. You know she. She has the ability to convey extremely intense emotions. I remember in crazy. Rich asians like you know the moment win. Her heart is breaking. And she's like communicating with the edges of her is. Like what are you doing. How are you this. Good of an actor and that feels like very jin greater me. That's kind of my point is like it would be interesting. Because i feel like the natural inclination for so many actors as to overplay like the transformation into next i mean that's what the directors are asking them to do as well to be fair like producers. Everybody really wants hysterical. Jean grey but like seeing an actor like jimmy chan take it on. I think would be so so interesting. So like if you were going gonna do a phoenix story. Or even like beginnings of phoenix story or something like that. The beginnings of the dark phoenix like emma. Engine actually do fight with each other and stuff. I would love to see jim in that role like that. Specific era of jean grey. I think that she would do a really really good with. I totally agree yeah. It's kind of like getting to talk about different. Actors is exactly that getting to talk about like what kind of gene would they be and like what period for life would that be like an accurate. One what would it be like. Maybe maybe not quite right right when she was like showing up to the hellfire club in that actress and leg. All of that should going down. I feel like i'm just like oh my god that would be rad to see jemma chandu. Yes yes. I can't say no to almost anybody and i don't have negative things to say about people for the most part so you can only be like. Oh that could be interesting because you know or something like that because even when people are like. Oh my god. This actor was so terrible in that role. mo is just like they made it their own. I live out about you. You don't like to say mean things about anybody especially not women ever really require people. Avoid it sometimes. You have to yell at a gay dude forget her. Is things happen okay. So what about jamie clayton. I think of all the actors sense being so incredible. You know so. She's good at like the weird acting rate like this and so beautiful so she's like beautiful. Jean where you're just like. Oh my god thank you like the gene beautiful and everybody has a crush on her. That's gene yea. I think she would be good. I think that she was really good at playing kind of low key kind of like tragic figures so she might be really good at upping the tragedy of gene which is like sometimes they focus too much on it but i think that she could make be interesting. Well everybody i've got. And i think if you add amy adams that.

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