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Democratic Party, Tom Udall, Senate discussed on The Norman Goldman Show


Me. So thank you for that. I mean, I loved it before you taught me some of the details. So obviously, this is a great campaign platform. Right. Give us total power. This is what you get and the Democratic Party can easily rebrand itself as as as the party of clean government. Open government, transparent government competent government, right? And the Republicans are the party of secrecy corruption law. It selling out, right? The other thing that I saw is the Senate democrat introduced a Bill. Or be very similar. Yes. That we we. No, I got it. Yeah. Tom udall, Tom udall, this vox, V O, X dot com. Brain knows my source, vox dot com. Reporting Senator, Tom udall democratic Senator New Mexico planning to introduce a companion Bill. They are one in the Senate. That's just again for rallying cries. So that we have some the campaign on right? It's not going to pass. But we can win in two thousand twenty. Yeah. Well, Mitch McConnell. Yeah. Well, but this gives us a campaign issue for twenty twenty Becky, you're awesome. I'm really glad you called the Norman Goldman show. And thank you for doing. Bring us a great attention to HR one. And look Nancy Pelosi cheats, very smart politician. She sees which way the winds are blowing your you don't need to be a professional politician. And she most certainly is anyway, but you see which way the winds are blowing the public is demanding reform. The public is sick and tired of corruption. Right. They they were promised. Draining the swamp by you-know-who, and look what's happened. So this is an obvious campaign platform, right? Once you win then you've got enacted. This is what the Democrats need to do. All right, one eight eight eight three two one six thousand one Carl. I there in Illinois Carl. How you doing? How's it going norm? Very well. Thank you. Oh, we're learning a lot and listening to your show. Appreciate. Bothers me about the stock market is capable sake. That it's it's a lot of people with money. There's a lot of middle class people in the stock market. They don't even realize it and their pensions are underfunded. And now this thing's going down, and the Republicans are supposed to be the ones that can manage money. But now they get in there and the markets dropping like a lead balloon. And and we got we got pensioneers we got law enforcement. We got teachers we've got we've got all kinds of people that are in the markets have life insurance in the market, and they don't even realize it, they're watching their retirement funds. Go right out the window. Isn't that exactly? What happened when George W Bush and his band of Mary criminals meltdown economy in two thousand seven two thousand eight minutes two thousand nine and the Democrats had to come in and rescue everything and bail out everybody. I mean, aren't we coming back to that same situation? Yeah. It sounds like it's the same old deal. You know, hang out of your money. These people go broke and then poor. We can buy these socks at a lot of a real good price. And right now, it's always seems to be the way they do it. They run this thing in the ground and they've done it. So many times it's ridiculous. I will let me just to your point. Crawling your mill annoys, you'll appreciate this as you were talking. I went on my computer. And according to.

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Democratic Party, Tom Udall, Senate discussed on The Norman Goldman Show

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