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He was face for steve. He's been playing. Well no no. I know i was saying about something else. Your i if it's going to be a non crazy putting surface and i don't have to listen to sweat three-foot out with kia all right. But the fact remains he's one of the best ball. Strikers doesn't matter where he's priced at a where the hanging this number out. He's one of the best ball is still in this course or in this field rather I love geeking this week. Sub ten percent cash the cash the top twenty last week everybody knows my whatever and johnny vegas the same thing. I don't care about the miss god. He's in great form recently. Super long off the tee. Same thing a little shaky on the putting. I would prefer. I prefer to have a mid to shorter iron in than the long iron. But i'm fine. I love as seventy one hundred right next by boise. Woo hoo actually avoiding this week. Maybe i'm avoiding. He's only two percent right now. Two percent another thing but he did not look last week other than that in a seven k. range. I think i need to talk me out of sergio and mcnealy. Yeah i'd say hard now on. Sergio is definitely not worth your money. And there's there's a lot better in the air yeah. Sergio is a hard drug to to give up. But i think it's time for you. It's true it's true sergio's would very hard to kick man. I just don't understand him and then like that he should park in d. Better than he is. I mean the motherfucker. One taty with his eyes closed for christ's sake like like i don't understand it too. Big plays are vegas and and bradley. I'm not actively fading coker betting and things like that but i'll have no part of diaz. I just don't trust them right now. The so many bunkers around here. I know he wanted shadow creek but nowhere near as many bunkers here shadow creek. A coke racks walks out of the sand. He is fucking terrible out. He is tommy luther shout tummy The the sea. We'll ban might have to play him if he's going to be sub three like just out of principle that is really fades aids in this range for me You like really. There's nobody super jockey other than actively avoiding anyway. yeah. I'm indifferent to often a ten percent. So yeah no no active phase two possibly three plays in here. I don't hate the camshaft. Play that that. I don't hate it.

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