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Wpa with news by the twenty four seven diabetic health hotline so temple officials say now that they are there's an ongoing investigation after reports of alleged sexual assaults and underage drinking at a fraternity near campus of the university says it has received quote multiple credit credible reports from various sources alleging underage drinking the excessive use of alcohol possibly drugs and sexual misconduct including sex assault during social activities at a fraternity that temple university identifies as alpha epsilon pi which they say now all activities of that fraternity are suspended so this is just developing this afternoon about temple and obviously an investigation is happening right now so on this nineteen th anniversary of the columbine massacre and in the wake of a student movement after the parkland florida tragic school shooting their students across the nation raising their voices in various ways in philadelphia and across the country today thousands of students walked out of class on this nineteen th anniversary of columbine twelve students and a teacher you may recall this were gunned down in the school april twentieth nineteen ninety nine and today a record setting fine to punish wells fargo for the banking giant's actions in its in a mortgage an auto loan businesses so to federal regulators finding wells fargo one billion dollars for forcing customers into car insurance as well as charging mortgage.

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