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Speaking of army armies plane rice this week yes and our reis is playing a little better football you know i again army is i think they are really turning the corner there they're around the corner and now they're they're in every game and so you know a rice is going to be a tough game it's going to be a road game uh but army is favored him game and by about thirteen and a half so you know i think the uh while rice has a tough payment out of texas they're one and four this year so they have not exactly let it up and now so when you expect the black nights to come home with another victory but i tell you it's always tough when you're on the road but i think army is really built their defense is playing good football and and defense travels even when offense was struggling a little bit the defense can keep you had a game and i think that will be the case against uh against rice saying you look at risis you know they they really haven't scored many points their offense has been tough they scored 10 against pit seven against florida international three against houston uh and seven against stafford so uh they they're not exactly a juggernaut so i expect a the black nice the co bring out with victory of them so here is looking forward to next weekend win both you and i will be in the bottom this is michael medved here with mike stall from health markets helping folks find the right medicare coverage the news reports say that the rates might be going down the government projects across the medicare plants will.

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