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With Dan Ray on WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty. Now, I said I was confused. I am confused. But I don't think a ninety day delay in sentencing is any good for Michael Flynn. Because. If he walked out of there today with zero time to serve I don't know how you can improve on that the judge gave him an opportunity to in effect with Joris plea. He chose not to these issues that his lawyer had raised in the pre sentencing. I think we talked about them the other night. So I don't think it was good for Michael Flynn and by extension. I don't think it's good for Donald Trump for President Trump. But maybe some of you have a bit of a different take. I'm not as I said normally I have a pretty good feel for the law and for politics both of which are clearly involved here. But on this one there's something that I don't get something. I don't understand. Maybe maybe one of you can enlighten me. And I'm I'm saying that honestly not toying with you here. I'm not saying, oh, I I'm going to spring a trap on. Yeah. I don't know. Let's go to the phones. Six one seven. Two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty all points of view accepted. The simplest questions simply is who who benefits from what happened in court today? I don't thinks Michael Flynn. And I don't think it's Donald Trump. Derek's derek. What do you think? I'm finding this all very questionable this judge. Should he did his job today and do a sentencing to me fishing now one very good likelihood here, and I'm sure Trump was glad about it. They think it's bad for Trump. I think it's going to be this guy may not flame will lutts scanned before this judge again. I'll Karen Tia that why do you say that? The circuit works this guy. Should he did his job today? This judge she to get his job today. It's sentencing day. Never see. Here's it all. Yeah. Help Derek helped me going beyond the line in helping the DA to convince them to talk. The special counsel. Let me ask you a question Derrick. Okay. This is an area that I have a little expertise with normally when a case is assigned to a judge. It's not like a rotational system. He judge Sullivan has this case unless something untoward were to happen to the judge, you know, God forbid, he will he will Michael Flynn will be in front of him on on March thirteenth. But that won't happen. We'll wait and see if that happens. This judge is going to find a way to excuse himself now from saying stuff that was not accurate. They can argue that also not to be before him again for this. Because this judge had some of the things wrong about gates, Nick cetera. So this was this was wrong. What happened tastes judge? Should it? Didn't show up today. Send him away or let them go. Whatever you were going to do more of a circus. And that's what's happened. Now. It's a circus again, who do you think benefits from the delays? Really my my bottom line question. Who do you know what I see as a travesty of our government, again, not going judge didn't do his job today. He was there for sentencing. Why didn't you do that? So let me ask you this. It sounds to me like you are pretty sympathetic to general Flynn is that a fair statement one. I don't know. Okay. No problem. I believe that discharge should it did his job today. What about it? The judge felt Derek that the facts that will be for him were inconsistent were were fuzzy were blurry. However, you want to describe it and he wanted to do the job right in as opposed to doing it today, and perhaps later on realizing that there was a piece of information either that he didn't understand it didn't have in front of him. He decided to delay it for ninety days was is it, isn't it? That's what you're you're explaining that. This judge supposedly spent on top of this all the time. He should have been doing his homework. You should have been prepared for a sentencing today. Well because. But but again, Derek, and I'm not disagreeing with you. But I'm saying because there was a plea. It wasn't as if he oversaw trial. If a judge oversaw. Right in front of him. And felt that you know, what I'm not going to do this. Because of that. Blackmailing here with this guy. Charge. Say that Derek no, Derek. He didn't say that. That's how you read it. Would he said what the judge said was you do understand that? Although the government's recommendation is for no time in prison. I am not bound by that. That's what he said. Now that was store. Beforehand. That's already explained to you before. Even jarring sentencing time, you have agreed to this agreement has been set if you if the judge felt he didn't do his job. They gave. It was Flynn's lawyers. Now, Derek did raise the whole issue of entrapment, and whether or not the FBI basically walked him into a room and asked him questions about which they knew the answers, which I think is a legitimate argument. And I thought that he might have decided to withdraw his plea. But he said, no, I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna leave my play, Derek you. Great caller. I thank you very much. Let's see in a few weeks. You you might have hit the nail on the head. I don't know. Let's see what happens. Okay. Thank you. Thank you, Derrick. Appreciate the call thoughtful intelligent calls. That's what nightside's all about. We're going to take a very quick break. We have more thoughtful people on the line six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine thousand nine hundred thirty. I watched it time and day to day. And it was interesting the switching back and forth between CNN and FOX the interpretations, quite different. And I want to hear from you who who benefits from this delay? Or does anyone, you know, the number six seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty.

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