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Nonprofit working with communities in northern uganda to reduce poverty. He's a mental skills coach to elite athletes and high performers and their co founder of. What's right now together. They're the co host of the podcast. What's right within which explores human potential and what it takes to thrive my guess today l. Always wellings and woori darkens. elway's roy. I am so excited you here with me. Thanks j. thinks having us. Thanks javy really excited to be here. I want to congratulate you. Because i know how much hard work it is to write a book. And you've got an upcoming book. One more try. What inspired you to write. This book is a bit of a dream of mine for for a few years really. And it's really the story of my my journey of becoming an olympian and it was It's been a long journey. My olympic dream started when i was ten years old and it was three three five attempts at trying to make the olympics. I qualified and was measured the uniform to these giant team to go to three olympics. And i was injured before those first three before finally made the two that. I've actually competed in london in rio so it was a it was a nineteen year journey for me before finally lining up in reaching my dream of of running in the olympic games. And so it's a story of i. Guess what i learned throughout those periods. And how i got through those challenges and i guess trying to inspire others that they can to become their own challenges and and i guess keep chasing after what it is passionate about where you know. It's an american who was on the swim team in high school. The london olympics were especially important..

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